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Sleep Now

Sleep now Little earth Before the moment Of new and wondrous birth Slumber sweet ‘Neath veil of white We will endure Through this darkest night Quiet wait Till the new year morn Something precious Will be surely born Sleep now … Continue reading

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Four: Sloth

I cannot study anymore I know the games I know the score I feel that I Must sleep instead To drink the potions Of the dead The pomegranate seeds are nice A perfect flavour For our device Down within The … Continue reading

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Do not weep Behind your veil Do not weep There’ll be time For such travail Once you sleep Life is bleak You once said Now you know We have bent And we’ve bled As we go Do not weep Behind … Continue reading

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Rest Tonight

I shall sleep under stars Which know not my name Wrapped in a cloak of a stranger Brief friend on ill trodden paths I will drink of cool waters Before resting my head On the grass by the foot Of … Continue reading

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Evening Falls

Evening falls A cloak on a beggar’s shoulders Meagre starlight sprinkled like breadcrumbs on the firmament Eclipsing the last rays of red and purple heraldry of another day forgotten and lost Evening falls A silence rivalling the distant hum of … Continue reading

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Intruding Noise

Outside I hear the intruding noise A party on this home’s shared land I wish not to deny their fun I hope their party’s bright and grand But as the evening gathers in I hope that they will understand The … Continue reading

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Sonambulatory surrender Caught between Ether and ethereal Exilir and exile Wandering blind but seeing Down shadowed hallways Shuffling, shuffling Delirious disorientation Shot through with Night and nightmare Delirium and dream Every step a pattern Of preternatural instinct Shuffling, shuffling Sleepwalker … Continue reading

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The digital clock is slow It lies through its reddish glow Insomnia is beating A deathly, stalking blow You struggle in the sheets Your worries incomplete One moment you are cool And then you’re slammed with heat You stare at … Continue reading

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Snuggled in my quilt Like a child While the wind howls Its misery Outside So sublime To be quiet, settled Safe For a time So warm and enfolded Still, as though Expecting a moment To arrive Sleep beckons Like a playful … Continue reading

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Night Sweat

Unseasonably warm The evening prickles With dull heat Faint sweat upon skin Recalls longer nights Tossed and turned sheets Seeking the cool of solitude Not the warmth of skin to skin It is so very still Within the web of … Continue reading

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