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Admit me in To the possibility I have remained a novice All this time Read my books And learned my lines Awaiting on The appointed moment When the doors would open wide And welcome me inside Give me hope Through … Continue reading

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And he said rejoice Great tidings do I bring A prophecy An offering And music heralded across the sky One time One long, long time ago Now he plays on city streets He cries rejoice To every stranger that he … Continue reading

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Forgotten Afternoons

Sweet forgotten afternoons You don’t recall But pressed within my memory book I see them all The way the light fell Through the leaves Upon your hair And the messy, noisy children Running everywhere And how you’d say “This season … Continue reading

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Trust (Part One)

In you we trust Blindfolded Waiting here Desperate We must World just falls to chaos No sure anchor Yet appears We’re just waiting here In trust May your words Yet be true As you say Belief is hard Absurd Is … Continue reading

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Fresh ingredients

Next year We’ll use fresh ingredients Juggling choices To suit our palettes Life’s finest chefs Run on knowledge And instinct combined And with age and with time So shall we Next year It’s a new recipe Next year We’ll combine … Continue reading

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Awaiting the waning moon This lost sea-shore At the last moments Of earthly time We counted the pebbles As if in their number Some final revelation Of heavenly design Would save us just in time, just in time Silvery and … Continue reading

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Starlight Dreaming

Young child Starlight dreaming Heaven’s up above A different kind of love Streaming Reaching to the child Window ledge below Could he touch the stars All that life debars On show? Young child Starlight yearning Dying stars alight His for … Continue reading

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In desolation we may fly Be free When all is lost Then nothing’s left to lose And nor are we A broken road Is still a way And all we may believe In desolation we are reborn And free In … Continue reading

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Watery Light

This watery light Awakens my soul I have slept too long But warmth upon my eyelids Bids them open And gaze out Of my prison Made of imagination’s stone And ponder flight and freedom And to swim And swim alone … Continue reading

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Rising to the Light

He said he was rising to the light Each morning from the station Up flights of stairs to sunshine Every day he would say I’m Orpheus returning From the underworld And I will not look back I keep my life … Continue reading

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