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A Cat May Dream

Even a cat may dream Perhaps especially this feline Slinky purveyor of the night Can climb to the highest point And taunt the stars Spread out like a banquet For its fastidious palate Hanging the moon Out to dry Even … Continue reading

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Catch My Dreams

Catch my dreams They float far too high For my reach Make them sweet The night is too dark I’m afraid Golden warmth Caught in your sweet net Guide me home (c) Helen Valentina 2017

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Wish for me now One little dream Not what we have What might have been Not what you see Find the unseen Wish for me now One little dream Wish for the world One little hope Never the knife Never … Continue reading

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Let There Be Peace

This perfect morning Sun dipped water lights shine Undisturbed quiet We glide Across the eddies and flow And all that we may know Our travails Our longing to cease Let there be peace All is possibility Moments before birth Our … Continue reading

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Summer Sea Memory

Flickering like old movies On wartime movie screens Summer sea memory Greets me In a waking dream Part beautiful and part dread It’s nothing like it seems Summer sea memory Haunts me In a waking dream Pinned like butterflies shivering … Continue reading

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Let me capture your dreams In my golden web Before they melt Into the morning’s arms Let me wander your world Hitchhiker set free So I may fall Before your sweet charms Let me carry my sword A guardian of … Continue reading

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Shake off all the shackles Of your tired fretting mind You’ve grown old The years have passed unnoticed And you’ve been hostage to The trance of others’ dreams Your prison is your creation Even as others have Offered dubious helping … Continue reading

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Nature’s Veil

Nature’s veil is elusive She is a sprite peeping out for mere seconds Till you see her and then she is gone A memory you cannot be certain is real And an essence too pure to dispute Above earth our … Continue reading

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Four: Sloth

I cannot study anymore I know the games I know the score I feel that I Must sleep instead To drink the potions Of the dead The pomegranate seeds are nice A perfect flavour For our device Down within The … Continue reading

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Crown of Thorns

Down the years we don Our crown of thorns And bleed our dreams On our life’s brittle page Make our prayers to gods Give our sacrifice As though bargaining can make Us rule this weary stage Each year we find … Continue reading

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