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Wise Little Cat

  This wise little cat Is a king This little cat Knows its form Is not what it birthed Not what was born But what it forms   This little feline Has a cause Sharp are its words Sharper yet … Continue reading

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A Cat May Dream

Even a cat may dream Perhaps especially this feline Slinky purveyor of the night Can climb to the highest point And taunt the stars Spread out like a banquet For its fastidious palate Hanging the moon Out to dry Even … Continue reading

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Curious Cat – for Prompt 51 – Complete Bafflement

I found a cat upon a tree Who grinned and grinned quite viciously This cat could speak – so very strange! All preconceptions re-arranged He smiled and simply asked me ‘Who?’ As owls may speak, but seldom do He waited … Continue reading

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The cats know There are places They will not go It’s feline grace To so completely Know their space The cats sense All the losses and The expense If you call upon Their sweetest care They are long gone The … Continue reading

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Cat stretch Luxuriant Eyes the world With sly curiosity Waiting for a mouse To swat With lazy paw Or a human To entice Then torment With playful glee So wise he waits The perfect moment Purring softly A siren song … Continue reading

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