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King of His Lonely Domain

They said that he was mighty A warrior of the flame From vengeance or from victory His soul did not refrain But then he saw her beauty And understood the stain Or power and of infamy Of how all viewed … Continue reading

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I Remember

I remember her most he said In the last moments of spring She hovers as a memory Of every good thing I remember her smile And how she would sing I remember her best he said In the depths of … Continue reading

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Paradise Lost

When you fell my little one you knew What you had lost A moment too late is still too late And wings won’t raise you up Above your choices You glide safe down To where you may yet land Survey … Continue reading

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In the church we waited So alone Heaven cracking Like an eggshell over rough hewn stone Doves of peace plummet Into the dusty air We waited in our faith And deep despair In the church we prayed Hopeless fools Angels … Continue reading

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In desolation we may fly Be free When all is lost Then nothing’s left to lose And nor are we A broken road Is still a way And all we may believe In desolation we are reborn And free In … Continue reading

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Once we were royal Our wings unfurled we flew Together All we ever knew Bloodline testament Glory of the skies Together Together we would fly Now we are hidden Wings tethered, broken hues Separated Nothing we could do World ever … Continue reading

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Everyday Dreams

These many years the boundaries of my suburban life have held me in And I must admit some security attended such limitations I would tend my house and garden Feed family and nurture all Except me, except me I understood … Continue reading

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I am but fortune’s fool May as well be Salieri Striving Baying at the moon While Mozart’s melodies make symphonies Of the celestial forms My fingernails dug so deep Into my own skin I bled From all the glories that … Continue reading

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Forgotten Dreams

Arthur is forgotten now The glory of his Camelot Mere shadows on the modern world’s barren floor Where once a dream of honour reigned Now only black and white is spoken Reversed and in denial Of the higher aspect of … Continue reading

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(Micropoetry) Weep no more

Tide’s caress lost to solitude Memories wash away in calm, bleak morning Weep no more (c) Helen Valentina 2016

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