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Of All Life

Of all life come Of all life remain Of all light shine On earth’s windowpane Of all nature blessed Of all nature one All that we have been All that we become Of all life rise Of all life give … Continue reading

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The Forest

I go to the forest at night If only in my mind To find a tranquility In darkened paths And moonlit creeks As if within the mystery I seek My own heart Deep in the forest at night I find … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon

The harvest moon is shining Over the aching lands And of this golden omen Few among us understands Nor reads the signs across the sky That whisper to us by and by That on such moons the world will turn … Continue reading

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Storm Born

Storm born my mother said Kicking and screaming Into the blackest night Stormclouds roiling Thunder singing My birthing song Where I most belong Storm born, shaking her head The drama living on In every passing year Lightening dazzling Cracking evening … Continue reading

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I am but fortune’s fool May as well be Salieri Striving Baying at the moon While Mozart’s melodies make symphonies Of the celestial forms My fingernails dug so deep Into my own skin I bled From all the glories that … Continue reading

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Nature’s Veil

Nature’s veil is elusive She is a sprite peeping out for mere seconds Till you see her and then she is gone A memory you cannot be certain is real And an essence too pure to dispute Above earth our … Continue reading

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Autumn Delight

Autumn’s beauty Precious creature Golden red and brown sun-kissed foliage A goddess’ headpiece crowning the glory of the last gasps of colour before the chilly grey of winter descends Autumn’s perfection At the trembling moment before death, nature arises to … Continue reading

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Your Place

This is your place This darkness suits you As you wear the cloak Of invisibility Your tortured dreams Have harmony within These ancient walls And if I ever came to call You’d draw me in And draw me down Into … Continue reading

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Reptilian hybrid creature Do you breathe As others breathe? Do you eat As people do? What is in the heart of you? Creature born in deepest space Do you weep As others weep? And at night-time Do you sleep? What … Continue reading

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Storm clouds

Storm clouds overhead promise rain in tempest Food for a parched ground Death to new life bursting forth Moments too soon The nourisher and the ghoul Raging wind and electricity Surging through roiling mist Covering an aching sky Watching from … Continue reading

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