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The Butterfly Stone – Review

Laurie Bell’s debut young adult fantasy novel is a treat on so many levels. First off, it’s great fun – a rollicking ride that is a definite page turner with loveable characters (and some distinctly original and scary villains too…) … Continue reading

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Head in the Clouds

Cal me Mr Head in the Clouds I don’t care You weren’t in the sky You weren’t even there You will never fly Ever climb one stair So I don’t care Say I’m always stuck in the clouds You don’t … Continue reading

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Everyday Dreams

These many years the boundaries of my suburban life have held me in And I must admit some security attended such limitations I would tend my house and garden Feed family and nurture all Except me, except me I understood … Continue reading

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Nature’s Veil

Nature’s veil is elusive She is a sprite peeping out for mere seconds Till you see her and then she is gone A memory you cannot be certain is real And an essence too pure to dispute Above earth our … Continue reading

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Flowers of the Moon

My child we know the truth too soon These fragile flowers of the moon May only by the night-time bloom Within your sacred, cherished room By day the garish light of sun Will hide their beauty, every one And all … Continue reading

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I have a childhood memory Umbrella stolen by the breeze And yet I cannot true recall If such a day occurred at all I lived a life of fantasy A child’s view of reality And at this memory’s very core … Continue reading

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The One

I wasn’t The One In the end it wasn’t me You took into your heart To hold you tenderly It wasn’t me And when she calls your name It isn’t with my voice It just can’t be the same There’s … Continue reading

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He’s quite a trickster genie And his wishes hold a sting So be careful with desires Beware whiplashs they bring You can have a sleek trim body With your insides taken out Or your touch can give you riches But … Continue reading

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Legends of Windemere – Prodigy of the Rainbow Tower

    Fantastic news!!!! Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower will debut July 31st on Amazon!!!!  Be one of the first to get the fabulous sequel to Charles Yallowitz’ wonderful Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero!!!! Book Description: The … Continue reading

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This griffin dreams Of being a dragon Joining the major league Of the winged creatures Perched high above The city he surveys Saying ‘I could have been A contender’ This griffin’s wings Could span beyond His beginnings and soar With … Continue reading

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