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Too Late To Pray

And is it now Too late to pray? As children we rehearsed the verse In ancient books and we hardly cared Each word we said It was enough to simply recite And hope that soon the doors would open Setting … Continue reading

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Angel here attend me I am dying Though my wounds and scars invisible Are not counted in the fallen Just a slow inexorable procession To a dusty end Angel please release me I am broken Though the world around believes … Continue reading

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This brave new world The apple promised so much Lush life Verdant knowledge Man into a god Bulbs break Civilisations fall And apples rot Down to the core What was all This wisdom for? (c) Helen Valentina 2016

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Poor Janus is so confused Looking left and right And to the front The past a distant memory The future looming close to see And in the present never free Poor Janus locked away On medication meant to soothe His … Continue reading

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You ask for miracles My cupboard’s bare There are no angels left Just hiding there And God has left us here To our despair To our despair You plead for holy grace To light your way I’ve only platitudes And dull … Continue reading

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Beginnings are the hardest Too many rules And unknown faces What are the rituals of these places? What might only serpents know? No maps for virgin territory Only uncharted woods surrounding Why must life be so confounding? Time moves too … Continue reading

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Oh little ones I held you In my hands Gave life-force to your dreams To all your plans Within this darkened plain This universe I gifted you your freedom As a curse Oh little ones once sheltered In my heart … Continue reading

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Reaching out Whispering wind The briefest moment Of touch Worlds are made And broken pieces Fall like starlight Star-dust Piercing morning Astral force Feel us tremble For touch Promises are made Scattered children Dance in the sunlight And trust (c) … Continue reading

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10 Poems in 20 Minutes

1 Still free-floating from that star sprinkled night This morning in a café I saw the face of God on a colourful postcard He was winking 2 Counting the coins before you throw them into this gilded wishing well A … Continue reading

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Sacred Heart

My heart is made of flowers pressed The Gardener knows my feelings best Such wonders in each row displayed The truest vows I ever made Each sacred petal is applied To welcome love and vanquish pride In passion’s purity a … Continue reading

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