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For one moment of belief I have bled Forgetting all the oaths of foolish youth I fall here Before the crown of thorns Till something new is born Make of me a thief Full of dread Clinging to this mountain-face … Continue reading

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Too Late To Pray

And is it now Too late to pray? As children we rehearsed the verse In ancient books and we hardly cared Each word we said It was enough to simply recite And hope that soon the doors would open Setting … Continue reading

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Each day Given unto us Such nourishment For body and soul That spirit and form Are complete And whole Let this be Our sacred goal From youth Until we are old We pray Each day (c) Helen Valentina 2016

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Caverns Deep

In caverns deep the purest water flowed From mother earth’s veins Sustenance of life Where the weary kneel and go to pray for futures so far out of sight In caves we sheltered from oncoming storms Embraced by rock as … Continue reading

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Deliver Us

This I pray Deliver us now From such pain This I plead Your grace to bestow At our need At your feet Prostrate we will fall For such grace This I pray Deliver us now To your heart (c) Helen … Continue reading

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I must safeguard my soul From darkness trickling Cross my pallid skin They say an invitation draws it in Draws it in Must barricade my heart A dream’s a hopeless place Here true despair begins They say that praying merely … Continue reading

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Pray – for Prompt 45 Festering Jealousy

  Your words are taken While mine forsaken Your lilting voice Removes all choice Your gracious heart Tears mine apart Your spirit freed I crack and bleed For you the smile The warmth and style For me but earth A … Continue reading

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