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Burning without and within Purifying this stain My history draws out the blood Of those misguided and misunderstood Who stood before the flame And knew its name An acolyte I freely fall Before an altar I can’t see And yet … Continue reading

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Too Late To Pray

And is it now Too late to pray? As children we rehearsed the verse In ancient books and we hardly cared Each word we said It was enough to simply recite And hope that soon the doors would open Setting … Continue reading

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Awaiting the waning moon This lost sea-shore At the last moments Of earthly time We counted the pebbles As if in their number Some final revelation Of heavenly design Would save us just in time, just in time Silvery and … Continue reading

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Watery Light

This watery light Awakens my soul I have slept too long But warmth upon my eyelids Bids them open And gaze out Of my prison Made of imagination’s stone And ponder flight and freedom And to swim And swim alone … Continue reading

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I dreamt of a castle on a hill Too grand to be but even still I yearned to reached its heights until The dream was gone I searched the world entire yet No closer could I ever get I fell … Continue reading

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The soul triumphant alights As eagles to the air The sky splinters across This desolate hemisphere As holy armies clash And raise their righteous spears Till this scarred spirit brings Hope yet to deep despair An angel’s wings must break … Continue reading

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My soul is rendered Split apart On broken cobblestones So far from home An abject plea I fall before their feet My subjugation complete And ask their ministry To set me free My heart is rendered Beaten back And blackened … Continue reading

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Rondelet Rounds

Desolate soul With your loss I’m broken and bare Desolate soul Would my pain engulf me here whole Render me unconscious of care Make all those that see me beware Desolate soul Woken again Hear your voice on my telephone … Continue reading

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I beat upon Redemption’s door Lamenting Fall upon the floor I know that I’ve Been here before I cry aloud My reverie I’m broken, yearning To be free I’ve bled inside The heart of me I use the whip Across … Continue reading

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Looking for a saviour In this city refuse Dark alleyways Are clarion calls To the very circles of hell I tried With every fibre Every striving muscle Of my pathetic being To rise Rise above even one Challenge before me But … Continue reading

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