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I dreamt of a castle on a hill Too grand to be but even still I yearned to reached its heights until The dream was gone I searched the world entire yet No closer could I ever get I fell … Continue reading

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Golden Fleece

Chasing the mythical All of my life How many windmills. How many windmills? All things fantastical Fall to my knife Is this a standstill, Is this a standstill? Dreaming of mastery Could it be mine? How many quests now, How … Continue reading

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Here Is Mystery

Here is mystery The moment when reason retreats before belief The point of elation twisting into strange grief See a penitent soul falling like a thief naked and vulnerable to their knees before some ineffable light Here the Adept and … Continue reading

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Where Do They Go To?

Where do they go to, when they go? Deep in the river Under the snow Up in the treetops Wing across air Where do they go to When were they there? What do they find there, when they first seek … Continue reading

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