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Wise Little Cat

  This wise little cat Is a king This little cat Knows its form Is not what it birthed Not what was born But what it forms   This little feline Has a cause Sharp are its words Sharper yet … Continue reading

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She is of the water Of the crystal lake she comes And of the endless ebb and flow She yields, succumbs   She’ll swim in tides And on misshapen boats she rides Beneath mist covered skies She loves and dies … Continue reading

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Let Us Go

Let us go you and I Let us run from this space Let us play in the sun All our yearnings embrce Let us reach for the land Where the younger ones play Let us learn from the old All … Continue reading

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The Night Sky

He said there’s much more than meets the eye In the folds and wonders of the cold night sky And how the ancients looked above to wonder and scrye The ancient texts clearly mapped the stars And planets from Pluto, … Continue reading

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Late Afternoon

Late afternoon along the pier I found a wondrous silence here And everything became so clear This perfect moment In this perfect year Such luminous clarity was mine I felt the touch of the divine And in my hands a … Continue reading

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Here the druids gathered Under cover of mystical night To commune with energies and entities We have long forgot And should they walk amongst us now We see them not We see them not Carrying this legacy More hidden in … Continue reading

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Here is wisdom Not found within books Or utterances of aged lips Between the chimera’s smile And such ghosts that slip Trembling at Your fingertips Here is wisdom Where the one becomes the all Boundaries are cruelly torn And something … Continue reading

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The Fishermen Have Gone – Writing Prompt #167

The fishermen have gone The seas bereft of life A strange deceptive tranquility covers everything We are but ghosts Wandering through darkened streets Not a sound from stamping feet Chained to this memory of life When even the essence is … Continue reading

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This brave new world The apple promised so much Lush life Verdant knowledge Man into a god Bulbs break Civilisations fall And apples rot Down to the core What was all This wisdom for? (c) Helen Valentina 2016

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Such feathered things The winged sings This ancient wisdom and All it brings To cut the skies And claim the prize To give it all Without surprise A birdlike grace And sentient face The angels fall To be replaced Such … Continue reading

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