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Poised to Fly

Are you poised to fly? You’ve waited so long Patiently watching Stalking your prey Playing your games That so few can see Do you fly to oblivion Or sweet victory When you fly into history? Are you poised to swoop … Continue reading

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Accustomed to This Farce

With apologies to My Fair Lady… I’ve grown accustomed to this farce It almost makes the day begin I’ve grown accustomed to the lies From fake beguiling eyes The smears, the snark, the bite, the bark Are second nature to … Continue reading

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Trust (Part Two)

Trust me he says His words so eloquent A scriptwriter perhaps Has brought him here And PR pundits dressed him well For all the things he’ll sell Once again this year He loves the crowds They laugh at all his … Continue reading

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Trust (Part One)

In you we trust Blindfolded Waiting here Desperate We must World just falls to chaos No sure anchor Yet appears We’re just waiting here In trust May your words Yet be true As you say Belief is hard Absurd Is … Continue reading

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Send In the Clowns – Friday Music Prompt #50

  Everything reversed Injustice is fair Poverty street for old billionaires Send in the clowns Doing the crime Power does no time Beauty queen covered in rivers of slime Send in the clowns Each one of them clowns Just when … Continue reading

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The pendulum no longer swings There is no latitude And no breeze To stir it either way It shudders at best Once war cries Reverberated on either side You knew the difference And a turn of fate Meant something Now … Continue reading

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Are we seeing it again? Eyes averred to those in need Are we pampering the egos That grow fat on blood and greed? Are we seeing it again? Are we hearing it again? Rhetoric of wilful right Do we count … Continue reading

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I loved you once To power fell A brittle neck A deeper hell I loved you twice I made my claim I changed my life I changed my name I loved you thrice You turned away You said I lied … Continue reading

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Olympus Falls

Olympus falls these days But incremental degrees Each country’s governments Abject, on their knees So rife with ill-intent Than none can please The gods of old are gone They neither care nor know Of petty battles here Of regimes overthrown … Continue reading

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Curiosity – Or How the World Has Ended While Nobody Noticed……

Curiosity is published!!!!!!! I’m very excited to announce that Curiosity, my second novel, is now available on lulu.com as a paperback POD or as an ebook. The link to learn more, and purchase if you wish, is my lulu.com author spotlight … Continue reading

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