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Where would we be Without such rich diversity Without each unique identity So many colours In our sea? To strip such colour here away Become the bland, the drab and grey What price we’d pay for us to be So … Continue reading

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The pendulum no longer swings There is no latitude And no breeze To stir it either way It shudders at best Once war cries Reverberated on either side You knew the difference And a turn of fate Meant something Now … Continue reading

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I am a creature Out of time and style When blizzards rage I wear a smile In victory’s glare A frown I wear When joy is here I shed a tear I do not think I come from here I … Continue reading

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Butterfly Scars

Across her skin scarified Are the markers of all her pains, her joys and hopes raised high, cut deep within starkly visible to the eye This strange affliction caused by surfeit of feeling? These signs of tribulation some may call … Continue reading

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