The Star Beyond the Water By Jaycee Anderson – My Review and The Novel’s Link to the Crystal Unity Tarot

Some backstory to this review:  I came across the wonderful novel ‘Star Beyond the Water’ by Jaycee Anderson in a rather circuitous manner. I was looking for indie tarot decks on and came across the Crystal Unity tarot – a beautiful inspired deck which I was keen to add to my collection. As I always do I contacted the creator to ensure I had their permission to use their deck on my YouTube tarot channel and not only did I get the permission but the creator turned out to be the author of this novel and sent this to me along with my deck purchase. A key connection between the two creations is that the novel includes a tarot reader/spiritualist character (Mozelle) who uses a tarot deck and the Crystal Unity Tarot is based on the concept for that deck.

So you can imagine my delight to not only have a tarot but also a novel connected to the deck!

My delight only increased when I read the wonderful novel.  Below is my review of the novel but given the tarot deck it’s a review plus more. The plus more is that I’ve used the deck in a YouTube Pick a Card reading video (one of many where I will use the beautiful deck I am sure) and this is also embedded below for those wanting to see the cards in action. Given the narrative of the novel (which is about finding your soul twin at perhaps the most challenging of times) the first reading I’ve done/filmed with the deck is all about finding your Soul Twin. So if you want to see the beautiful deck and/or find out about your soul twin/soul mate journey, check out the video too.

Now to the review of the novel:

Robin Morgan is working to try to make her marriage work with Chris but even the birth of their daughter Lyndsey is not building the bridge between them. A chance meeting with a spiritualist/psychic – Mozelle – gives Robin the support and strength to continue with her efforts. But then fate collides with them all – as fate tends to do, particularly when soul twins are involved – and at the most devastating and challenging of times for Robin she meets someone new. Someone who has a deep connection with her and has a key role in helping her through her challenges – but is this enough to ensure that the soul twins have found each other in time? Or the worst time of all?

I’m not going to give anything else away of the narrative because it would spoil a wonderful romantic adventure that has a big helping of spiritual tension and psychological thriller aspects to it. What I will say is the writing is engaging and warm, instantly connecting you to the characters and making you really care about what happens to them. And the depiction of Mozelle – at least to this fellow tarot reader’s eye – is very on point. She reminded me a lot of a tarot reader I go to occasionally – the same sort of look and sense of wisdom, so I very much enjoyed her presence in the story.

The ending is nothing short of incredible and a wonderful set up for a sequel – which I’m happy to say is in the works and soon to be published.  I definitely want to see what happens next because I certainly didn’t see the ending coming and the premise set up for the next book is so unique.

I’d heartily recommend this novel to lovers of romance and spiritual based books – or both. A delightful, deep and inspiring read.

Now below, if you want to see Mozelle’s tarot deck in action, check out the reading embedded here:

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  1. Super review, Helen. 😁

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