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Wearing the face you held Before you were born You come into this world Fully formed The woman in the child Awaiting the time To flower Like a new star in the cosmos Flaming bright You are too precious to … Continue reading

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Each year it turns This ancient world My boat is tilted Toward the moon’s hopeful light There is land in sight And there is comfort This good night I am aging Like the wood Of this sturdy boat My bones … Continue reading

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Storm Born

Storm born my mother said Kicking and screaming Into the blackest night Stormclouds roiling Thunder singing My birthing song Where I most belong Storm born, shaking her head The drama living on In every passing year Lightening dazzling Cracking evening … Continue reading

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The universe is aching Full and pregnant with possibility Birthing new worlds Far above our sight No telescope can see The celestial writhing and delight This Holy night A fecund revolution Dying stars have sacrificed Their souls to feed A … Continue reading

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Sleep Now

Sleep now Little earth Before the moment Of new and wondrous birth Slumber sweet ‘Neath veil of white We will endure Through this darkest night Quiet wait Till the new year morn Something precious Will be surely born Sleep now … Continue reading

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(Micropoetry) Awaken

Do you awaken to this call? Spread red gold wings Shake off your history and rise for the dawn of this brave new aeon? (C) Helen Valentina 2016

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Precious and delicate Newly born Sensate and aware Language still A distant prayer Who are you there? You need shelter An understanding host A kindness that Is blind to all That’s alien In your sweet form And how you’re born … Continue reading

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New life budding So perfect Yet to be formed Full of promise On a beautiful morning Waiting to be born New day dawning Sunshine lights The path ahead And of the past We leave behind So little said Just like … Continue reading

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I am Scorpio This constellation Stings within The tails of shooting stars Four parts scorpion Hidden human Venus square To the hubris of Mars I am Scorpio Bride of twilight Delighting in Our lost mythology Psychic sister To this master … Continue reading

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From The Light

Into this world we stumble From the light Eyes adjusting To the darker hues Of humanity Become accustomed To the heavy weight Of flesh and bone Fragments escaping Yearning for a Far too quickly Forgotten home Like a child we … Continue reading

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