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The universe is aching Full and pregnant with possibility Birthing new worlds Far above our sight No telescope can see The celestial writhing and delight This Holy night A fecund revolution Dying stars have sacrificed Their souls to feed A … Continue reading

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Let There Be Peace

This perfect morning Sun dipped water lights shine Undisturbed quiet We glide Across the eddies and flow And all that we may know Our travails Our longing to cease Let there be peace All is possibility Moments before birth Our … Continue reading

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Last Ritual

At the last ritual of a dying world we dance Veiled in red we swarm to mingle in a throng of fiery endings seeking out the new beginnings buried deep below the citadels we burn An ancient call and wisdom … Continue reading

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After the Storm

We will count the losses After the storm We will weep for fallen On turbulent seas We will hold those that grieve The ones that mourn And build our future By slow degrees We will pray for morning A coppery … Continue reading

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