True Diversity


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So let’s embrace true diversity
He said
Xenophobia should not extend
Beyond the stars
And species are more varied
Than our little world suggests
When reaching to the universe
We won’t find our own face
Reflected back serene
But something else
Something else

Let’s make of difference our friend
He cried
We’ll find the kind of love
That hope debars
And delicacies more plentiful
Than our appetites ingest
When floating in the stratosphere
A totally alien place
Till all this in between
Is something else
Something else

( c) Helen Valentina 2018

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Purple World


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Butterflies flying so free
In their purple world
A brief moment of life
Too beautiful to last

All that we may see
Of their purple world
Is the flapping wings
That fade too fast

A caterpillar may dream
Of this purple world
Before their future
Becomes the past

Butterflies never see
Their purple world
Is more than we can bear
Too beautiful to last

( c) Helen Valentina 2018

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She was regal
A queen to all
Blood running in her veins
From centuries
Was royal purple

She was bitter
At the fall
The colour of her flag
In battles held
Was royal purple

Still she was brave
At the call
Her final kiss
To a captor king
Was royal purple

( c) Helen Valentina 2018

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Cherry Blossom Moon


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It has come too soon
This cherry blossom moon
Night-time air too sweet
Falling at your feet
A lover’s kiss too quick
To touch your cheek

Night-time revelry
Dancing, you and me
Jazz and white, white wine
All our hopes entwine
A promise made too soon
Is all you seek

So drunk on brief delight
This cherry blossom night
I’ll not recall your face
Or dancing in this place
The night will melt away
Within the week

It has come too soon
This cherry blossom moon
Night-time air too sweet
Falling at your feet
A lover’s kiss too quick
To touch your cheek

( c) Helen Valentina 2018


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Review: A Superior Spectre by Angela Meyer

A superior Spectre cover


You know that feeling when you’ve read a book that’s so rich, so good, that you just know everything you are going to read for a while now is going to feel like fast food after fine cuisine?

That’s how I’m feeling right now. I think I’ll stick to non fiction for a while till that feeling edges off.

A Superior Spectre is a superior work. Inventive, creative, original, unique – but more than all of that combined. This is true literature, wrapped up in the speculative fiction genre. It makes you feel, but even more lovely – if you ask me – it makes you think. And then think some more…..

I don’t want to write anything spoilery about this. Readers should enjoy that journey for themselves, and there is no way I’m going to summarise it in any sense that would do it justice. But I do want to write about the experience of reading this work.

It’s a rare thing for a book to sit so perfectly in the contradiction of being both personal, intimate and immersive while at the same time being universal, philosophical and external, but this book does just that. As the two main characters become increasingly inter-twined by the plot’s neuroscience, I found myself haunted by them. And I think I will stay haunted for some time, most of all by how they both examined their own lives, their own feelings, with such acute insight.

It seemed the perfect pairing, no matter how much damage the manner of the connection might have caused. In her two protagonists Angela Meyer created an effortless symbiosis. I am not sure if it was intentional, but both characters were inward explorers. The woman wished to understand the inner workings of the human form. The man wanted to excavate and maybe eventually conquer his own deeply hidden heart and desires. They both looked inward, and drew us in.

I love writing like this. I want writing that will take me outside of myself, then back within myself – something that makes me compare the fictional with my own reality. I think literature serves that purpose for us – it does more than entertain. It enlightens us, showing us something about ourselves through the lens of others. And while this novel definitely entertains – it also provides that ‘something more’ that lifts it above just its story.

Put simply, this book is superb. It will satisfy lovers of speculative fiction/science fiction and even the supernatural, for it has elements of all. But it will also satisfy those who favour reality and psychology rather than magic and fantasy. That’s just another of the contradictions it so effortlessly seems to balance. For me, I love both types of books, so it was perfect all round.

I look forward to reading other works by Angela Meyer. What an exciting new voice to discover!

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I am rising, floating above it all
Perfect symmetry
I hear angels singing
Saying I won’t fall
Won’t fall

I am flying, freer than a bird
Arcing ‘cross the sky
Whispering a secret
Only I have heard
Have heard

I am praying deep within my heart
Rehearsed litany
Waiting for the sign
This is where I start
I start

I am grateful even as a breathe
All my needs here met
Heaven is a beacon
I will never leave
Never leave

( c) Helen Valentina 2018

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Late Afternoon


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Late afternoon along the pier
I found a wondrous silence here
And everything became so clear
This perfect moment
In this perfect year

Such luminous clarity was mine
I felt the touch of the divine
And in my hands a truth entwined
This perfect moment
In this perfect year

Alone within this hemisphere
We float and dip in waters clear
We know not why we landed here
This perfect moment
In this perfect year

It does not matter whence we came
From world of ice or blazing flame
Or what our home or what our name
This perfect moment
In this perfect year

(c ) Helen Valentina 2018

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Accustomed to This Farce

With apologies to My Fair Lady…

I’ve grown accustomed to this farce
It almost makes the day begin
I’ve grown accustomed to the lies
From fake beguiling eyes
The smears, the snark, the bite, the bark
Are second nature to them now
We see that truth’s no longer ‘in’
So serenely hypocritical they point their fingers so
Accusing others of their sins they’ve nowhere else to go
Till we’re accustomed to their play, accustomed to their force
Accustomed to this farce

I’ve grown accustomed to the shows
And the fake news media spin
I’ve grown accustomed to dismay
When it gets worse every day
The lies replete are on repeat
It’s second nature to them now
To raise the stakes beyond all sense
I’m very grateful that they’re crazy and so easy to dismiss
Rather like regret we feel from sweet betrayal’s kiss
But I’m accustomed to the threat of something in the air
Accustomed to them there.


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I need a holiday
Somewhere far away
Somewhere I’d never go
A beach with blazing sun
Where I meet everyone
Without pretense and so

I need to take a break
To a world without mistakes
The paper and pen
No longer king
I want to find the sun
Where each and everyone
Can be and do and say
Most anything

I need a holiday
Somewhere exotic far away
A place where I may find
Perfect rest
I know this place is there
Where I need never care
To be the first, the smartest
Or the best

(c. ) Helen Valentina 2018

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Be A Storm


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Be a storm in my life she begged
I have lived too long
In quiet solitude
My shutters drawn
Against the weather
All its forms
And so now I grow weary
Of my comfort
And I yearn
For the storm

Make me feel beyond endurance
Lift me up
And throw me to the winds
So that in the tumult
I’m reborn
Be the storm

Only in the blinding moment
Of the tempest can I wake
To see my life renewed
And only this through you
So be the storm

(c ) Helen Valentina. 2018

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