What is YOUR Creative Genius? A New Pick a Card Reading For All the Wonderful Creatives Out There!

Hi everyone – my latest Pick a Card Reading is perfect for all the wonderful creatives that visit this blog. It looks at what your creative genius is – what do you uniquely and creatively bring to your career, life, love or to the world more generally? If this intrigues you, check out the video embedded below and if you enjoy it please like/share/subscribe. 🙂

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For All The Writers/Reader Out There – New Pick a Card Reading: How Do People See You As the Main Character?

Hi Everyone. The Pick a Card Reading I published on YouTube today (embedded below) is one for those who love writing, reading, movies etc – anyone who is keen to know how they are the main character in their own narrative arc and how people view them in that light. I thought this would be a perfect set of readings to share with all the wonderful creatives that visit this blog. 🙂 If you’re curious about that check out the video below, and if you enjoy it please like/subscribe/share. 🙂

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For All the Wonderful Creative Souls Who Visit This Blog – a New Pick a Card reading To Help You Unleash Your Creative Inspiration!

So many of the people who come to this blog are wonderful creators of all types – so I thought you might be interested in my latest Pick a Card tarot reading on YouTube. It looks at advice from Spirit to unleash your creative inspiration and find the success and fulfillment you desire in your creative life. If you do watch the video embedded below and enjoy the reading please like/subscribe/share.

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The Star Beyond the Water By Jaycee Anderson – My Review and The Novel’s Link to the Crystal Unity Tarot

Some backstory to this review:  I came across the wonderful novel ‘Star Beyond the Water’ by Jaycee Anderson in a rather circuitous manner. I was looking for indie tarot decks on etsy.com and came across the Crystal Unity tarot – a beautiful inspired deck which I was keen to add to my collection. As I always do I contacted the creator to ensure I had their permission to use their deck on my YouTube tarot channel and not only did I get the permission but the creator turned out to be the author of this novel and sent this to me along with my deck purchase. A key connection between the two creations is that the novel includes a tarot reader/spiritualist character (Mozelle) who uses a tarot deck and the Crystal Unity Tarot is based on the concept for that deck.

So you can imagine my delight to not only have a tarot but also a novel connected to the deck!

My delight only increased when I read the wonderful novel.  Below is my review of the novel but given the tarot deck it’s a review plus more. The plus more is that I’ve used the deck in a YouTube Pick a Card reading video (one of many where I will use the beautiful deck I am sure) and this is also embedded below for those wanting to see the cards in action. Given the narrative of the novel (which is about finding your soul twin at perhaps the most challenging of times) the first reading I’ve done/filmed with the deck is all about finding your Soul Twin. So if you want to see the beautiful deck and/or find out about your soul twin/soul mate journey, check out the video too.

Now to the review of the novel:

Robin Morgan is working to try to make her marriage work with Chris but even the birth of their daughter Lyndsey is not building the bridge between them. A chance meeting with a spiritualist/psychic – Mozelle – gives Robin the support and strength to continue with her efforts. But then fate collides with them all – as fate tends to do, particularly when soul twins are involved – and at the most devastating and challenging of times for Robin she meets someone new. Someone who has a deep connection with her and has a key role in helping her through her challenges – but is this enough to ensure that the soul twins have found each other in time? Or the worst time of all?

I’m not going to give anything else away of the narrative because it would spoil a wonderful romantic adventure that has a big helping of spiritual tension and psychological thriller aspects to it. What I will say is the writing is engaging and warm, instantly connecting you to the characters and making you really care about what happens to them. And the depiction of Mozelle – at least to this fellow tarot reader’s eye – is very on point. She reminded me a lot of a tarot reader I go to occasionally – the same sort of look and sense of wisdom, so I very much enjoyed her presence in the story.

The ending is nothing short of incredible and a wonderful set up for a sequel – which I’m happy to say is in the works and soon to be published.  I definitely want to see what happens next because I certainly didn’t see the ending coming and the premise set up for the next book is so unique.

I’d heartily recommend this novel to lovers of romance and spiritual based books – or both. A delightful, deep and inspiring read.

Now below, if you want to see Mozelle’s tarot deck in action, check out the reading embedded here:

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Eternal Road -The Final Stop By John Howell – My Review

I’m a bit late to the party in reviewing John Howell’s latest novel (as a fan I tend to read and review his novels very quickly). But also as a fan, this time when I got my copy I held off on reading it until I had enough time to truly savor it. And it certainly did not disappoint!

John’s books have a number of things that always delight: wonderful, warm characters; snappy and witty dialogue; emotionally resonant character arcs and imagination in spades. Of all his novels this may be his most ingenious and inventive yet. Weaving historical stories, the supernatural and spiritual, the potential apocalypse by AI and retribution for very inhuman ‘human’ acts – he presents a wonderfully enjoyable, rollicking ride through the afterlife and the world as we know – and possibly some day may know – it (when our time comes to go to our eternal home).

I love his characterisation of Lucifer too – spot on with the manipulation and somehow childish pique all rolled into one!

At the centre of everything John’s warm heart shines through. You really connect with the characters and care about their story. And he manages to weave an intricate plot around their feelings and choices in a manner that both entertains and satisfies.

I’m not going to say too much about the plot so I’m not spoilery – this novel is so clever it deserves to be approached with an open mind and an open heart and you’ll be amazed at the adventure it takes you on.

I always see John’s novels as movies. They have incredible visuals, fabulous dialogue and a real sense of pace and emotional investment. I hope his vision of the after-life is the right one. It’s an existence I would be happy to inhabit one day and find my own eternal home with God/the Divine.

Top marks and five stars again for John Howell and this wonderful novel!

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For All The Wonderful Creatives Here – What Will Make You Famous? A New Pick a Card Reading

When I think of all the wonderful writers and creatives who have visited by blog here I think so many of you are so talented and creative you just have to get fame, recognition and acclaim. So Perhaps the Pick a Card reading embedded below might give you some insights from Spirit and some encouragement and cheer-leading on your journey. If you like the video please like/subscribe to the YouTube channel and share the video to others you think may benefit. 🙂

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Your Creative Dreams and Other Cherished Ambitions – What Does Your Heart Want to Remind You of and Bring Back Into Your Life?

My latest Pick a Card tarot reading on YouTube (embedded below) looks at what dreams and goals your heart wants to bring back into your life. I think some of the wonderful creatives and writers who come to my blog might enjoy this reading and get some inspiration and cheerleading from Spirit. So if that appeals, check out the video below. 🙂

And if you like/enjoy the reading please like the video/subscribe to the channel and share if you think others may enjoy or benefit from it.

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My New Tarot Based YouTube Channel – Eye of the Serpent Tarot

Hi Everyone! Along with starting a new blog/website on tarot and spirituality I’ve also launched a new YouTube channel for tarot readings and discussions – Eye of the Serpent Tarot. The main content will be Tarot Pick a Card readings and tarot deck reviews/tarot discussions. I thought I’d post this very brief introductory video for the channel which shows what the channel is about for any of you that are interested.

One of the areas I will specialise in is readings for creative people, and on Tuesday next week I will be publishing a Pick a Card reading focused on creative inspiration. I’ll publish a link here to that video when it’s live in case any of the wonderful creative people here might want to see it. I’ll probably do the same for any other future creativity based readings given the people who come to this blog and the wonderful creativity you all show on your blogs/websites.

Today I also published readings for each astrological sign for love and relationships from June 2021 through the next few months, so if that sounds good make sure to check them out. 🙂

If any of this sounds intriguing make sure to watch the videos/pop over to the channel and if you like what you see subscribe so you don’t miss out on any readings that might be of interest to you. 🙂

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Big Announcement! New Tarot/Spirituality Blog!

Hi All!  You may have noticed I’ve been a bit radio silent on my blog of late. It’s because I’ve been busy setting up a new website/blog on all things tarot, oracle and spiritual. 

Those of you who read my ‘About’ on this blog will know about my interest in tarot and how I categorise my poetry in terms of the elements. So you may not be surprised at this development now I’ve decided to come out of the spiritual shadows (figuratively) and write and post about my great love for occult and esoteric matters. 

On the website I’ll be doing regular readings for the collective at key times of the year or to reflect significant astrological events. The website has the first of these posts published already – a photo based three card spread for each of the northern and southern hemispheres for May. 

True Back Tarot

I will also be soon setting up a YouTube channel for tarot readings and discussions so I will connect those videos to my tarot website and probably reblog here for anyone who may be interested in the topics I discuss/do readings on.

So it’s an exciting new journey for me and I do hope some of you’ll join me on this adventure.  The website can be found at http://www.iotaserpentistarot.com.

Come on over and check it out and if you follow me there I can follow you back and get your posts in my reader at that site too. 

For those that are curious about the website name, Iota Serpentis means ‘Eye of the Serpent’ which will be the YouTube handle I will go by (a bit easier to understand than Iota Serpentis, which is the name of a fixed star in the Serpens constellation). Again, anyone familiar with my gravatar image for my poetry and dark fiction blogs will not be surprised by the choice of a name. 

Beyond that, if this intrigues you and/or you follow the blog please let me know if there are any topics for blog posts or readings you’d like me to do.  

Hope to see you there!

ADDENDUM: Just to let you all know, if you come to my blog and follow me, if I like or comment on your posts I will come up as iotaserpentis from that website with my different gravatar (just so you know it’s still me. 🙂

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Wise Little Cat

Image Credit: Ewa Studio/Shutterstock.com


This wise little cat

Is a king

This little cat

Knows its form

Is not what it birthed

Not what was born

But what it forms


This little feline

Has a cause

Sharp are its words

Sharper yet its claws

Something the foolish


This kitten doesn’t mewl

It roars


This little cat

Waits to grow

This little cat

Tricks your eyes

A moment too late

You’re surprised

Little kitten reborn

And re-sized


© Helen Valentina 2020

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