What Fiction/TV or Movie Character Are You Most Like? A Fun Pick a Card Reading for the Creatives/Writers/Avid Readers Out There!

My latest Pick a Card reading on YouTube is a bit of fun for readers, TV and movie fans and writers/creatives everywhere. Have you ever wondered what character you most resonate to? This reading might be a fun way to find out. And if you enjoy the reading please like the video/subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or share with anyone you think might also enjoy it. 🙂

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Go Viral With Your Creativity! My New YouTube Pick a Card Reading

As promised I’m embedding my latest YouTube video about going viral with your creativity in this post/on this blog because of all the wonderful creative people who come visit me here.

If you are interested in tarot you might like to watch the video and choose your reading. There are three options for readings in this video and each have some fascinating things coming up for those creative people drawn to hear them. So check them out if you like! Who knows? Spirit may have a very important message of confidence and encouragement for you. 🙂

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My New Tarot Based YouTube Channel – Eye of the Serpent Tarot

Hi Everyone! Along with starting a new blog/website on tarot and spirituality I’ve also launched a new YouTube channel for tarot readings and discussions – Eye of the Serpent Tarot. The main content will be Tarot Pick a Card readings and tarot deck reviews/tarot discussions. I thought I’d post this very brief introductory video for the channel which shows what the channel is about for any of you that are interested.

One of the areas I will specialise in is readings for creative people, and on Tuesday next week I will be publishing a Pick a Card reading focused on creative inspiration. I’ll publish a link here to that video when it’s live in case any of the wonderful creative people here might want to see it. I’ll probably do the same for any other future creativity based readings given the people who come to this blog and the wonderful creativity you all show on your blogs/websites.

Today I also published readings for each astrological sign for love and relationships from June 2021 through the next few months, so if that sounds good make sure to check them out. 🙂

If any of this sounds intriguing make sure to watch the videos/pop over to the channel and if you like what you see subscribe so you don’t miss out on any readings that might be of interest to you. 🙂

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Big Announcement! New Tarot/Spirituality Blog!

Hi All!  You may have noticed I’ve been a bit radio silent on my blog of late. It’s because I’ve been busy setting up a new website/blog on all things tarot, oracle and spiritual. 

Those of you who read my ‘About’ on this blog will know about my interest in tarot and how I categorise my poetry in terms of the elements. So you may not be surprised at this development now I’ve decided to come out of the spiritual shadows (figuratively) and write and post about my great love for occult and esoteric matters. 

On the website I’ll be doing regular readings for the collective at key times of the year or to reflect significant astrological events. The website has the first of these posts published already – a photo based three card spread for each of the northern and southern hemispheres for May. 

True Back Tarot

I will also be soon setting up a YouTube channel for tarot readings and discussions so I will connect those videos to my tarot website and probably reblog here for anyone who may be interested in the topics I discuss/do readings on.

So it’s an exciting new journey for me and I do hope some of you’ll join me on this adventure.  The website can be found at http://www.iotaserpentistarot.com.

Come on over and check it out and if you follow me there I can follow you back and get your posts in my reader at that site too. 

For those that are curious about the website name, Iota Serpentis means ‘Eye of the Serpent’ which will be the YouTube handle I will go by (a bit easier to understand than Iota Serpentis, which is the name of a fixed star in the Serpens constellation). Again, anyone familiar with my gravatar image for my poetry and dark fiction blogs will not be surprised by the choice of a name. 

Beyond that, if this intrigues you and/or you follow the blog please let me know if there are any topics for blog posts or readings you’d like me to do.  

Hope to see you there!

ADDENDUM: Just to let you all know, if you come to my blog and follow me, if I like or comment on your posts I will come up as iotaserpentis from that website with my different gravatar (just so you know it’s still me. 🙂

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Wise Little Cat

Image Credit: Ewa Studio/Shutterstock.com


This wise little cat

Is a king

This little cat

Knows its form

Is not what it birthed

Not what was born

But what it forms


This little feline

Has a cause

Sharp are its words

Sharper yet its claws

Something the foolish


This kitten doesn’t mewl

It roars


This little cat

Waits to grow

This little cat

Tricks your eyes

A moment too late

You’re surprised

Little kitten reborn

And re-sized


© Helen Valentina 2020

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Image Credit: oOhyperblaster/Shutterstock.com

She is of the water

Of the crystal lake she comes

And of the endless ebb and flow

She yields, succumbs


She’ll swim in tides

And on misshapen boats she rides

Beneath mist covered skies

She loves and dies


She is the ocean

The smallest river

The running creeks

And more and more

She is the raindrops

On your cheeks

And through the droplets

Wisdom speaks


A tale to tell

You know it well

She is the water

The ocean’s swell

And she’ll draw you down

To swim or drown

To heaven

Or to hell


© Helen Valentina 2020

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Again, again, again

Image Credit: zef art/Shutterstock.com


We have died many times

On fields so dark

Blood red against the encroaching storm

History repeats

And on this endless circle we tread

One moment living

Another, dead

For the sake of kings born

And their infinite greed

We fight with honour

With honour bleed

Again, again, again


Battles come and go

Against the sunset yield

Forgetting why we live, we’re born

To ride this storm

I know your face

From battles lost and won

A moment’s grace

Beneath a failing sun

All efforts spent

On useless war

We’ll rise and fall

And fall and rise

Again, again, again


© Helen Valentina 2020

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Let Us Go

Image Credit: Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutterstock.com

Let us go you and I

Let us run from this space

Let us play in the sun

All our yearnings embrce

Let us reach for the land

Where the younger ones play

Let us learn from the old

All the wisdom they say

Let us dance me and you

Under brightly lit skies

Let us find the romance

As the candlelight dies

Let us live while we’re young

Let us sleep when we die

Let us run from this space

Let us go you and I

© Helen Valentina 2020

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Beneath The Boughs

Image credit: Fahroni/Shuttersock.com

Against the sky you stretch

A myriad of arms to embrace the void

These worlds begotten, birthed, destroyed

Above it all you rise and reach

The firmament and yet beyond

To all sublime and lovely realms


I yearn to touch, to know

And terrified, in awe I fall

For all you might bestow

Beneath your boughs I kneel and pray

That when the time has come I rise

Above the whirling circles to the skies


The grey and bright white light

That draws me home

That I may finally resolve

My fears and soul release, dissolve

And in your loving, waiting arms

Receive my boon and balm


© Helen Valentina 2020

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Of All Life

Image Credit: LILAWA.COM/Shutterstock.com

Of all life come
Of all life remain

Of all light shine
On earth’s windowpane

Of all nature blessed
Of all nature one

All that we have been
All that we become

Of all life rise
Of all life give

Most of all sing
Most of all: live

(c) Helen Valentina 2020

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