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Do I dare disturb this place?
Enter the door forbidden
By my ancestors
Yet open here before me
Entreating my safe entry
To the world beyond?

I have practiced carefully
Learned the texts and rituals
Prepared as a novice to adept
So surely this must be
A true revelation and not yet
A chimera sent to tempt
And draw me back, away?

My teachers may admonish
Me for pride and they may well be right
And yet this door before me
Speaks of secrets from some greater night
A place to cross over
Whole and inviolate
And in doing so in life
Cheating death
And its dark parade

What bargain must be made
To cross the threshold
Seek the counsel of the dweller there?
And would he speak of truth or lie
Bid me to eternal life
Or just to die?
I will not know
Until I try
Until I try…

(c ) Helen Valentina 2018

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Let us go free
Into this good sky
Grateful and open
To the waking world
Like birds on a wing
Before we die
Let us go free
Into this good sky

Let us sing free
Our salvation song
Peace upon us
And clasping hands
A world united
Where all belong
Let us yet sing
Our salvation song

(c ) Helen Valentina 2018

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Harvest Moon


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The harvest moon is shining
Over the aching lands
And of this golden omen
Few among us understands
Nor reads the signs across the sky
That whisper to us by and by
That on such moons the world will turn
And burn
And surely burn

The harvest moon is bleeding
Crying to our hearts
For those of us with ears to hear
And see how tumult starts
To know the ancient wisdom here
This sad and blighted time of year
That on such moons the world must learn
And burn
And surely burn

The harvest moon is crying
Tears that fall as blood
And with each drop we’re learning
All we have understood
We desecrate the temple halls
And through the air our judgement calls
So on such moons though we might yearn
We burn
We surely burn

(c ) Helen Valentina 2018

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Fresh ingredients

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Next year
We’ll use fresh ingredients
Juggling choices
To suit our palettes
Life’s finest chefs
Run on knowledge
And instinct combined
And with age and with time
So shall we
Next year
It’s a new recipe

Next year
We’ll combine the blends
Of things we’ve learnt
With newer tastes
We’ll not let a moment
Go to waste
A side dish or
A banquet
There’s nought to fear
For you or me
Next year
It’s a new recipe

(c ) Helen Valentina 2017

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We were dancers all
In the masquerade
We were innocent
Of the part we played
We just revelled in
The bizarre parade
Merely dancers in
The black masquerade

Of the deaths that came
In our merry wake
We are innocent
Just a sad mistake
We’re just players here
For the highest stake
Nothing we could gain
Or we sought to take

They’ll portray us grim
In the aftermath
Not the gaiety
Of our glittering path
But we’ll pay the price
And in full not half
Dancing on the bones
Of the aftermath

We were dancers all
In the masquerade
Fully innocent
Of the pacts they made
But we held the form
When we should have strayed
So we’re lost within
This black masquerade

(c) Helen Valentina 2017

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Sleeping beauty
Has been gone too long
No kiss can call her back
From dreaming’s deathly shade
She is perfect
Untouched by time
But unclaimable
Her prince came
But far too late
Far too late

They will treasure her
Just like art
In a gallery
And all will come to see
Slumber’s princess
Lying now
In hallowed state
Her prince came
But far too late
Far too late

(C ) Helen Valentina 2017

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This stage
Of the working
The peacock rises
All colours
Of the world
In its delicate feathers
Representing assimilation
Of all into one
For the coming
Of the white rose

This beautiful bird
Is mystery
Perfection in transformation
Proud but knowing
Its moment is brief
Part of the transition
The purification
For the coming
Of the white rose

(c) Helen Valentina 2017

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Did You Fly?

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And did you fly?
I often wonder
When I wonder why
And yet I think I know
Your reasons
And your trajectory
And what it meant
To be set free
So you could fly
Resplendent in the sky
The man relinquished
To the child
Finally wild

And did you sing
As in such heavens
You could wing?
Knowing nothing now
And everything
Forgetting all
Forgetting me
Your presence, youth and family
So you could fly
A soul against a glorious sky
The knowing of the man
The innocence of a child
Finally wild

(c ) Helen Valentina 2017

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Blooming girl
Nature gilds your wings
As you grow

Rose heart fire
Tresses caught alight
Earthly awe

Perfect sight
Bloom before us now
Pure starlight

(c) Helen Valentina 2017

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Review : Circumstances of Childhood by John Howell


It’s always a pleasure to read a novel written by John Howell. He has a way of mixing action, thriller level excitement, real world politics, intelligent discourse and detail (much of which feels ripped presciently from today’s headlines), all wrapped up in believable, relatable, and importantly – likeable – characters.  And it’s all his own – the John Howell style – immediate, engrossing and always great fun.

This time the author notes some autobiographical parts, and an homage to great friendships. And this is what surrounds the novel – a great, true friendship from life and beyond life, adding a paranormal element that is warming and comforting rather than frightening or strange.  It is a testament to John’s writing skill that you accept the supernatural premise immediately and naturally. Of course such a strong friendship, which is more like a family tie than just companionship – of course it survives even death. And of course it becomes a guarding angel over the thrilling ups and downs of the narrative itself.

There is pain here – a relationship ending which you partly see coming from sad, well placed clues but you hope against hope will not happen.  And when it does you feel right alongside the main character. But also you are warmed by his strength and an innate goodness that I always believe would be true of the author . This flows from his writing and its generous spirit, and it lives in the characters as well.

I thoroughly recommend this novel. It is exciting, heartwarming and also spiritually affirming (without you having any particular religious or spiritual affiliation).  It gives you faith and hope in something greater than that – and simpler: faith in a little thing called love.


(c) Helen Valentina 2017




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