Be A Storm


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Be a storm in my life she begged
I have lived too long
In quiet solitude
My shutters drawn
Against the weather
All its forms
And so now I grow weary
Of my comfort
And I yearn
For the storm

Make me feel beyond endurance
Lift me up
And throw me to the winds
So that in the tumult
I’m reborn
Be the storm

Only in the blinding moment
Of the tempest can I wake
To see my life renewed
And only this through you
So be the storm

(c ) Helen Valentina. 2018

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Judgement is most harsh
When it’s fair
Capturing the truth

Blind she holds the scales
Cannot see
Who bends at her feet

If the balance tips
Favours one
Of the powerful

Honesty will fall
Bleed away
Till we’ve lost it all

(c ) Helen Valentina 2018

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Profundity of prose is not my goal
I rarely think of speaking to the wise
A poet’s words should ravage through your soul
And wake from sleep the dullest care-worn eyes
So if by chance some measured rhyme atones
For such deep seated lacks as found within
This isn’t any aim that I would own
I’d relish more the birthing of new sin
Derangement of the senses gives us more
Than solemn recitation lends the ear
I’d rather find there’s something to adore
In thoughts so crisp and honest angels fear
This poet needs no meaning here to say
I gather all my words and start to play

(c ) Helen Valentina 2018

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These precious things
We tend
Patient and strong

Our seedlings small
Will grow
Before too long

Our silent voices
Yet will rise
To perfect song

And find our place
Our precious home
Where we belong

(c ) Helen Valentina 2018

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I am peaceful
I am flying
Towards the horizon
The rising sun

I am grateful
So content
With bread I’ve baked
And cloth I’ve spun

I am ready
I am willing
To take the reins of
What’s begun

I am peaceful
I slept long
But now I’ve woken
To the sun

(c ) Helen Valentina 2018

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All Your Colours


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I remember all your colours
I don’t think you ever saw them
Always searching for the more
You were blind to all within
And perhaps it was your mother’s words
The balm of yesteryear
That held you such a prisoner to fear

The world would much more welcome you
Than you gave it credit for
Shaping all its indignities
As phantoms in your mind
When if you’d let your colours fly
I think you may have found
Acceptance and a beautiful common ground

You’ve flown to other skies I know
Where feathers shine in greater light
But what have you abandoned here
In such portentous flight?
I wish a mirror for your soul
To make you proud and make you whole
Embracing all your colours so
Your spirit finds its flow

(c) Helen Valentina 2018


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Where would we be
Without such rich diversity
Without each unique
So many colours
In our sea?

To strip such colour here away
Become the bland, the drab and grey
What price we’d pay for us to be
So lost in uniformity

Speak not of difference as a curse
For sameness is a prison worse
A life should ramble unrehearsed
Adventure from cradle to the hearse
And in our difference we may find
The heart of truth
The soul that’s kind
And leave our anger
Far behind
Just leave it all behind

(c. ) Helen Valentina 2018

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The Forest


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I go to the forest at night
If only in my mind
To find a tranquility
In darkened paths
And moonlit creeks
As if within the mystery
I seek
My own heart

Deep in the forest at night
I find a second home
This natural habitat
So suits my nature
Under mother moon
Until within the mystery
I find at last
My heart

(c. ) Helen Valentina 2018

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Above it All


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We float above it all
This glorious shining city
Of the free

We sing across the spheres
Triumphant glory songs
For the free

Adrift among the stars
We cannot lose our way
When we are free

The universe is ours
And we shall take it all
If we are free

(c. Helen Valentina 2018

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To Wear The Crown


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Sweet thing so worthy
To wear the crown
And bear the sorrow
That power brings
You are here chosen
From all around
To witness tomorrows
Where heaven sings
And all your pains
And all your pains
Are offered up
As lesser things

Sweet child so pretty
As adult bloom
And serve your country
With sacrifice
You are the chosen
Within the room
To birth tomorrows
Of fire and ice
And all you give
And all you give
Is taken once, and twice
And thrice

(c. ) Helen Valentina 2018

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