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What is YOUR Creative Genius? A New Pick a Card Reading For All the Wonderful Creatives Out There!

Hi everyone – my latest Pick a Card Reading is perfect for all the wonderful creatives that visit this blog. It looks at what your creative genius is – what do you uniquely and creatively bring to your career, life, … Continue reading

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How they glow Secrets you may know If you’re very quiet If you take this slow All these wonders You too can know How the fire Warms their hearts Somewhere you can wander Somewhere you can start Under the canopy … Continue reading

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Wing Free

Out of fire He will wing so free Victory Born of flame He will so inspire Call his name Through the air He will blaze a path None compare Long apart He will yet return To your heart (c) Helen … Continue reading

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Above it All

We float above it all This glorious shining city Of the free We sing across the spheres Triumphant glory songs For the free Adrift among the stars We cannot lose our way When we are free The universe is ours … Continue reading

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Muse (Micropoetry)

Sweetest muse Flaming my soul Rendering all resistance Lost on barren floors As my soul is scored By marks of divinity sublime Sweetest muse is mine (c) Helen Valentina 2016

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Electric light A moment of pure understanding Comprehend the universe in a single raindrop on your cheek It’s magic Oh so simple Flying to the light perfect and free Make connections in the network See the truth of reality (c) … Continue reading

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The pen is weary All the ink run dry Across a parchment scratches Ideas lost in time No new blood is drawn From the pain of life There are only tears And banality Nothing left for me The screen is … Continue reading

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Bring On the Night – for Prompt 72 Sister Awake

The year they dared to capture this fallen angel, they tore her wings and mounted them upon the wall, her limbs secured by steel tipped strings The men that gathered there to see this unholy but sacred sight blinked, dazed … Continue reading

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Your beautiful face Etched upon my memory Of pity, no trace Deeper muse to me Arising from your dark eyes Beguiled fantasy There is no surprise The wellspring in this place What depths comprise Your beautiful face Repeating in the … Continue reading

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Update and a question to all writers or readers of trilogies…

Hi So, work is still mad and my time is limited, but Easter is coming. I had planned to do some serious blog reading and catching up, but my editor has just finished manuscript assessing my latest novel, an occult … Continue reading

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