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City Bright

The city bright Illuminates And in its sight Our simple fates Can swift take flight Or deviate The city glows Electric flame Within it knows Its secret name Its secret game The city cold Its beating heart Is young and … Continue reading

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This vast city shimmers Along the shoreline Mirroring icy glittering beauty Of a thousand lights So beautiful tonight I could almost believe In a heaven somewhere Far away And yet like this Metropolis But underneath the beauty Lurks the truths … Continue reading

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To The City Of Dreams

Roads may lead To the city of dreams Or the vista of nightmares And no-one can tell If the pathway is to heaven Or to hell All the glittering lights So pretty in the sky Tell you it’s beautiful But … Continue reading

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Above it All

We float above it all This glorious shining city Of the free We sing across the spheres Triumphant glory songs For the free Adrift among the stars We cannot lose our way When we are free The universe is ours … Continue reading

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Rising to the Light

He said he was rising to the light Each morning from the station Up flights of stairs to sunshine Every day he would say I’m Orpheus returning From the underworld And I will not look back I keep my life … Continue reading

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The rush of silver The city at night I remember you laughing, calling my name We were dancing in the early hours like children So young And I thought this would last forever or at least till the morning and … Continue reading

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Long Gone

Across the canal we ran I loved you then So young and so pure I true believed We would perfect endure My heart burst open Walking hand in hand Certain you were mine And that this beauty Would not fall … Continue reading

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I do not crave change Not now There were times in my life I needed diversion Adventure just to breathe Not now The hum of big city streets Was a melody to me Not dark discordant artistry Not now It’s … Continue reading

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In this nation’s capital The streets are wide And empty Comfort, structure and design Happily meet To hide the desperation within. All is hierarchy and status And form Parliament the lone sentinel On the hill Surveying all below In this … Continue reading

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