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Like most people, I have a number of sides to me. The most interesting one probably emerges through my writing, hence this blog. I love to read, and also to write, and so this is a way to share both.

I Remember

I remember her most he said In the last moments of spring She hovers as a memory Of every good thing I remember her smile And how she would sing I remember her best he said In the depths of … Continue reading

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The Moment

This is the moment of choice Can you define the possibilities or listen to that nagging inner voice? To fly or tumble into the void Does it rely on luck or destiny or just the random collection of all you … Continue reading

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And Shall the King Return

And shall the king return To this great land So loved by god? Too many years we’ve wandered Aimless in our emptiness Without a hope or leader In our sight Democracy just another word For delusion So shall he yet … Continue reading

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The Road

Follow the moon Down the road Wherever it may lead All we are given All we may take All we could need Moonlight guide Gentle and soft Taking our hand Follow the moon Down the road Over the land (c) … Continue reading

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#My GRL is Featured on Ereader News Today for $.99

Originally posted on Fiction Favorites:
Click Cover for Amazon My GRL is featured on Ereader News Today for $.99. Here is the blurb. Can an ordinary guy overcome the super ordinary to stop a terrorist plot? John J. Cannon, a…

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Storm Born

Storm born my mother said Kicking and screaming Into the blackest night Stormclouds roiling Thunder singing My birthing song Where I most belong Storm born, shaking her head The drama living on In every passing year Lightening dazzling Cracking evening … Continue reading

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Neon All that’s new Is you Starlight Stricken on your face This place Blueness Colder than the ice So nice Neon All we ever do Is you (c) Helen Valentina 2017

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Paradise Lost

When you fell my little one you knew What you had lost A moment too late is still too late And wings won’t raise you up Above your choices You glide safe down To where you may yet land Survey … Continue reading

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Head in the Clouds

Cal me Mr Head in the Clouds I don’t care You weren’t in the sky You weren’t even there You will never fly Ever climb one stair So I don’t care Say I’m always stuck in the clouds You don’t … Continue reading

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Starlight Dreaming

Young child Starlight dreaming Heaven’s up above A different kind of love Streaming Reaching to the child Window ledge below Could he touch the stars All that life debars On show? Young child Starlight yearning Dying stars alight His for … Continue reading

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