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Like most people, I have a number of sides to me. The most interesting one probably emerges through my writing, hence this blog. I love to read, and also to write, and so this is a way to share both.

Starlight Dreaming

Young child Starlight dreaming Heaven’s up above A different kind of love Streaming Reaching to the child Window ledge below Could he touch the stars All that life debars On show? Young child Starlight yearning Dying stars alight His for … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room

If we do not speak of it It will not be there That’s what we said And for days we managed To skirt around it For words do damage And sight even more If we allow ourselves to see it … Continue reading

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In the church we waited So alone Heaven cracking Like an eggshell over rough hewn stone Doves of peace plummet Into the dusty air We waited in our faith And deep despair In the church we prayed Hopeless fools Angels … Continue reading

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Primrose Path

Down the primrose path we go Promises wrapped up with a bow Where we will land We’ll never know Down the path we go On the primrose path we’ll find All the choices left behind Are they cruel Are they … Continue reading

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In desolation we may fly Be free When all is lost Then nothing’s left to lose And nor are we A broken road Is still a way And all we may believe In desolation we are reborn And free In … Continue reading

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Watery Light

This watery light Awakens my soul I have slept too long But warmth upon my eyelids Bids them open And gaze out Of my prison Made of imagination’s stone And ponder flight and freedom And to swim And swim alone … Continue reading

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This golden dawn Arising in precious metal The woman rides the dragon’s back Resplendent Oh, what a morning! The world holds its breath To see her in her glory Ascend In a ballgown Made of fallen starlight Weaved with with … Continue reading

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Early morning fog Clear the path for journeying Beyond the mist All roads will lead To where the glory yet dawns At the break of day Clothed in grace of time I’m warm against this winter I will yet endure … Continue reading

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The first level is the Raven Initiate kneels and bows Prostrate upon the floor Awaiting touch and enlightenment Following the calling To this room This day This appointed hour Dweller on the threshold Between life and death Facing the abyss … Continue reading

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Wash Us Clean

This glorious moment Wash us clean Pure rainfall is your gift Undeserved but craved Even in our closed and doubting minds In youth the man Cared not for matters of the soul The world beckoned As a thing of substance … Continue reading

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