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I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.


Burning without and within Purifying this stain My history draws out the blood Of those misguided and misunderstood Who stood before the flame And knew its name An acolyte I freely fall Before an altar I can’t see And yet … Continue reading

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Come With Me

Come with me Come and see the world Flags unfurled In the air You can see so far Be a star On our way Just a step or two Calling you Come with me Come and see it all You … Continue reading

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I make this solemn oath today That from your side I will not stray My sword is yours and I obey And I will never sway Oh little child within my care You’ll sleep content Know I am there They … Continue reading

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New Year’s Face

What shall it be Your new year’s face? Wipe away the past Without a trace Let yourself rise A brand new you Defined by what You say and do The past is gone So don’t look back The mirror lies … Continue reading

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Review: Joan Smokes By Angela Meyer

I’m already a fan of Angela Meyer – I think I always will be. She has such a fine eye for life and detail and a sense of emotion that is both luxurious and visceral, and in her novel ‘A … Continue reading

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I saw the leaves departing On the bitter winter wind And in their flight my soul Recognised its form It will not now be long Until I welcome moving on The soft, encroaching storm I saw the colours fading Before … Continue reading

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Not Quite A Mirror

Each not quite a mirror To the other See them stand Beautiful and half pre-planned Half chaos as they see A stronger mimicry Not quite a mirror but close enough If either calls the other’s bluff I wonder what we’ll … Continue reading

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Am I Free?

Am I free? The thought has not occurred Before to me Yet could it be? My cage is cool But did I build it Back in school A little fool? Or did I see At my parents’ side The litany … Continue reading

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The Stuff of Dying Stars

We are the stuff of dying stars Sprinkled in a hostile and strange firmament Seeking home Or the debris of asteroids Hurtling across time Carbon molecules Like miracles rising in the womb Just one more time An accident of cosmic … Continue reading

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I Hold the Moon

I hold the moon precious In my trembling arms So close her silvery glow Lights up my face The earth trembles To be so close To her ancient lover And if I place her Gentle on the sand The world … Continue reading

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