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I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.


She is of the water Of the crystal lake she comes And of the endless ebb and flow She yields, succumbs   She’ll swim in tides And on misshapen boats she rides Beneath mist covered skies She loves and dies … Continue reading

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Again, again, again

  We have died many times On fields so dark Blood red against the encroaching storm History repeats And on this endless circle we tread One moment living Another, dead For the sake of kings born And their infinite greed … Continue reading

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Let Us Go

Let us go you and I Let us run from this space Let us play in the sun All our yearnings embrce Let us reach for the land Where the younger ones play Let us learn from the old All … Continue reading

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Beneath The Boughs

Against the sky you stretch A myriad of arms to embrace the void These worlds begotten, birthed, destroyed Above it all you rise and reach The firmament and yet beyond To all sublime and lovely realms   I yearn to … Continue reading

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Of All Life

Of all life come Of all life remain Of all light shine On earth’s windowpane Of all nature blessed Of all nature one All that we have been All that we become Of all life rise Of all life give … Continue reading

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The Rain’s Language

I spoke in the language of the rain A simple message written wordless On a cafe’s window pane As though you may yet pass by In your hurry to your life So far from mine Yet you may linger From … Continue reading

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City Bright

The city bright Illuminates And in its sight Our simple fates Can swift take flight Or deviate The city glows Electric flame Within it knows Its secret name Its secret game The city cold Its beating heart Is young and … Continue reading

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New Book Launch Eternal Road -The final stop by John W. Howell

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Helen, and for helping me launch Eternal Road – The final stop. I know you have a lot going on, so I appreciate you taking the time to help with. … Continue reading

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Crystal Clear

Crystal clear Pale perfection hides Structure’s aim God is here In this clarity Speak His name Perfect pink Softer blood will flow Just the same (c) Helen Valentina 2020

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Weep For Us

In this hour As our foolishness descends And of our friends Are only foes We scarce can comprehend our woes Then close your wings Around these sacred things And weep for us In this year When sanity gave way to … Continue reading

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