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I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.

I Once Lived

I once lived On a world where the sea Was inky black And the moon wept blood For the savagery of the tide And there I would reside even now Had not I fell Through the galaxy and firmament To … Continue reading

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Nothing to See

I’ve been waiting patiently I’m sure you will agree To find a decent book Or something worthwhile on TV I’ve held to the remote And seen it like a vote And I’d never gad about For the fear of missing … Continue reading

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Burning without and within Purifying this stain My history draws out the blood Of those misguided and misunderstood Who stood before the flame And knew its name An acolyte I freely fall Before an altar I can’t see And yet … Continue reading

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Come With Me

Come with me Come and see the world Flags unfurled In the air You can see so far Be a star On our way Just a step or two Calling you Come with me Come and see it all You … Continue reading

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I make this solemn oath today That from your side I will not stray My sword is yours and I obey And I will never sway Oh little child within my care You’ll sleep content Know I am there They … Continue reading

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New Year’s Face

What shall it be Your new year’s face? Wipe away the past Without a trace Let yourself rise A brand new you Defined by what You say and do The past is gone So don’t look back The mirror lies … Continue reading

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Review: Joan Smokes By Angela Meyer

I’m already a fan of Angela Meyer – I think I always will be. She has such a fine eye for life and detail and a sense of emotion that is both luxurious and visceral, and in her novel ‘A … Continue reading

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I saw the leaves departing On the bitter winter wind And in their flight my soul Recognised its form It will not now be long Until I welcome moving on The soft, encroaching storm I saw the colours fading Before … Continue reading

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Not Quite A Mirror

Each not quite a mirror To the other See them stand Beautiful and half pre-planned Half chaos as they see A stronger mimicry Not quite a mirror but close enough If either calls the other’s bluff I wonder what we’ll … Continue reading

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Am I Free?

Am I free? The thought has not occurred Before to me Yet could it be? My cage is cool But did I build it Back in school A little fool? Or did I see At my parents’ side The litany … Continue reading

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