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I'm drawn to blogging as a way to share ideas and consider what makes us who we are. Whether it's in our working life or our creativity, expression is a means to connect.

After the Ball

After the ball A simple mask shimmers In the confetti strewn Across the banquet room The floor’s ablaze With the mazes of hidden love And intrigue’s curse A bard’s melodious verse Might sing of the mystery Of this mask’s recent … Continue reading

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La Vie En Rose

That old song La Vie en Rose Draws me in At the end of this perfect day The colour so redolent Of all on display I think I know What the singer proclaimed For a moment I’m her On the … Continue reading

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Royal Hue

Royal hue On her upturned face Open grace Purple fire The whim of desire Sacred space In the stars Hear the choir Sing to you Splendour here This now perfect year’s Royal hue (c) Helen Valentina 2020

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May they all be blessed To be best at one thing To rise as the angels sing To reach for the stars And to reach the mountains That this cold world debars Exceptional, rise With stars in their eyes Only … Continue reading

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I will reach for the world Travelling in my mind A little wish Before I sleep A yearning for More, just more Across the oceans wide and deep I will wish for the earth Responding to my itchy feet Just … Continue reading

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Time’s Servant

I am nothing if not time’s servant I hear his voice Whisper just out of reach Urging hurry, hurry Lest I lose A precious second to indolence or Mere pleasure Tick tock Says the clock Above my head Filling me … Continue reading

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Blue Rose

And in those days he gave me A blue rose I did not know it’s meaning And I held it in my hand His eyes were deep and begged me Silent still to understand A castle is a cold place … Continue reading

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I Once Lived

I once lived On a world where the sea Was inky black And the moon wept blood For the savagery of the tide And there I would reside even now Had not I fell Through the galaxy and firmament To … Continue reading

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Nothing to See

I’ve been waiting patiently I’m sure you will agree To find a decent book Or something worthwhile on TV I’ve held to the remote And seen it like a vote And I’d never gad about For the fear of missing … Continue reading

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Burning without and within Purifying this stain My history draws out the blood Of those misguided and misunderstood Who stood before the flame And knew its name An acolyte I freely fall Before an altar I can’t see And yet … Continue reading

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