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The Rain’s Language

I spoke in the language of the rain A simple message written wordless On a cafe’s window pane As though you may yet pass by In your hurry to your life So far from mine Yet you may linger From … Continue reading

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Perfect Silence

In perfect silence come and go The water following the flow The less you learn the more you know In perfect silence come and go In perfect balance, harmony Where three are one and one is three A single note, … Continue reading

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Deep Silence

This deep silence of morning Starless sky before dawn breaks Blanketed in dark and calm An island to myself I seek a comfort long forgotten In the weave of black and grey Dreams adrift and quickly floating Lover’s kiss a … Continue reading

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I need silence now In silence I can breathe In silence my inner eye blinks And awakes I need solitude Wrapped within my brittle skin I can dream And then begin In solitude I crave gentleness A softest touch, a … Continue reading

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A silence fills this house The clock grows still And on the window sill This fractured night No songbird will alight Not even breath will stir Mouths are silent Yet deeply violent Messages they convey Before the break of day … Continue reading

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Just a Spark

I remember Looming shadows Large across old walls In a quiet room I remember Low murmuring Chanting in alien words I did not understand Swaying figures in this dark Something coming Just a spark Just a spark I remember Kept … Continue reading

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The Quietest Time of Night

Waves on the shoreline Beat back endless Cresting peaks Crash on indifferent sands Above the moon Shines pale, strange light At the quietest time of night Footprints washed away now Travellers passing unseen Fleeting, softly Traversing in silence Above the … Continue reading

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