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Sleep Now

Sleep now Little earth Before the moment Of new and wondrous birth Slumber sweet ‘Neath veil of white We will endure Through this darkest night Quiet wait Till the new year morn Something precious Will be surely born Sleep now … Continue reading

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After the Rain

We will begin anew after the rain Nothing we here forgive nor explain Another day rises with its new refrain Sheltered we wait until the fallen showers temper their tempest to the quiet hours Remind us of gentleness within such … Continue reading

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Intruding Noise

Outside I hear the intruding noise A party on this home’s shared land I wish not to deny their fun I hope their party’s bright and grand But as the evening gathers in I hope that they will understand The … Continue reading

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The Quietest Time of Night

Waves on the shoreline Beat back endless Cresting peaks Crash on indifferent sands Above the moon Shines pale, strange light At the quietest time of night Footprints washed away now Travellers passing unseen Fleeting, softly Traversing in silence Above the … Continue reading

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