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Star Born

We are star born From the very fabric Of the universe we’re torn To lose the face of God So lost, forlorn Yet beautiful as light Perfect in All sight As a star child From the dust of bursting flames … Continue reading

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I will reach for the world Travelling in my mind A little wish Before I sleep A yearning for More, just more Across the oceans wide and deep I will wish for the earth Responding to my itchy feet Just … Continue reading

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I Once Lived

I once lived On a world where the sea Was inky black And the moon wept blood For the savagery of the tide And there I would reside even now Had not I fell Through the galaxy and firmament To … Continue reading

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Burning without and within Purifying this stain My history draws out the blood Of those misguided and misunderstood Who stood before the flame And knew its name An acolyte I freely fall Before an altar I can’t see And yet … Continue reading

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I saw the leaves departing On the bitter winter wind And in their flight my soul Recognised its form It will not now be long Until I welcome moving on The soft, encroaching storm I saw the colours fading Before … Continue reading

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I Hold the Moon

I hold the moon precious In my trembling arms So close her silvery glow Lights up my face The earth trembles To be so close To her ancient lover And if I place her Gentle on the sand The world … Continue reading

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I Hear Your Voice

I hear your voice My special friend From beyond the world of men Your silky black wings And piercing eyes And how your soul sings When together we fly As we will do By and by I love your soul … Continue reading

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The Lights

The glorious lights Awakened my soul Quenched a thirst I did not even know I had Until the colour Opened my eyes To the testament of the All So small I fell Before beauty immemorial I cannot hope To touch … Continue reading

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We Burn

We seek the tree Axis mundi Centrepiece of all reality We seek On dried land it dwells Parched of life force As souls that fell Dwindle down Into private hells We make our pledges All we can learn From sacrifice … Continue reading

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Centuries deep This sacrifice sleeps Beneath our hearts Words whispered Heads bowed Unaware We cannot know The pain that was felt The blood that flowed Stories still told Centuries old Where faith starts When we weep On our knees By … Continue reading

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