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Do I dare disturb this place? Enter the door forbidden By my ancestors Yet open here before me Entreating my safe entry To the world beyond? I have practiced carefully Learned the texts and rituals Prepared as a novice to … Continue reading

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This stage Of the working The peacock rises All colours Of the world In its delicate feathers Representing assimilation Of all into one For the coming Of the white rose This beautiful bird Is mystery Perfection in transformation Proud but … Continue reading

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Did You Fly?

And did you fly? I often wonder When I wonder why And yet I think I know Your reasons And your trajectory And what it meant To be set free So you could fly Resplendent in the sky The man … Continue reading

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Drawing deeper Than ever before The water will relinquish Its power and secrets She will thrive In knowledge And energy Till she is whole All life begins Floating in fluids Cosmic conducting Of life force energy She knows as she … Continue reading

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Let Me Fly

In these moments Let me try I can reach this If I try I am grateful I’m alive Feel it rushing Through my soul Deep yet weightless Torn yet whole I’m the rock That learned to roll In this blessing … Continue reading

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Reaching up The sky is scarred By too much time Piercing branches Scrape the beginnings Of limitless space All beginnings Reach this far No further No wings to fly I cannot yearn Beyond your boughs I must await The last … Continue reading

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Watery Light

This watery light Awakens my soul I have slept too long But warmth upon my eyelids Bids them open And gaze out Of my prison Made of imagination’s stone And ponder flight and freedom And to swim And swim alone … Continue reading

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Wash Us Clean

This glorious moment Wash us clean Pure rainfall is your gift Undeserved but craved Even in our closed and doubting minds In youth the man Cared not for matters of the soul The world beckoned As a thing of substance … Continue reading

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Angel here attend me I am dying Though my wounds and scars invisible Are not counted in the fallen Just a slow inexorable procession To a dusty end Angel please release me I am broken Though the world around believes … Continue reading

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The universe is aching Full and pregnant with possibility Birthing new worlds Far above our sight No telescope can see The celestial writhing and delight This Holy night A fecund revolution Dying stars have sacrificed Their souls to feed A … Continue reading

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