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We were dancers all In the masquerade We were innocent Of the part we played We just revelled in The bizarre parade Merely dancers in The black masquerade Of the deaths that came In our merry wake We are innocent … Continue reading

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Did You Fly?

And did you fly? I often wonder When I wonder why And yet I think I know Your reasons And your trajectory And what it meant To be set free So you could fly Resplendent in the sky The man … Continue reading

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Each year it turns This ancient world My boat is tilted Toward the moon’s hopeful light There is land in sight And there is comfort This good night I am aging Like the wood Of this sturdy boat My bones … Continue reading

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Angel here attend me I am dying Though my wounds and scars invisible Are not counted in the fallen Just a slow inexorable procession To a dusty end Angel please release me I am broken Though the world around believes … Continue reading

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Lady Macbeth

This year Lady Macbeth Is less repentant Cries on cue and wails Claws the walls Draws tempests down and gails Before the ad break yet curtails Her scripted misery The lady makes such good tv The executives are truly thrilled … Continue reading

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The Fishermen Have Gone – Writing Prompt #167

The fishermen have gone The seas bereft of life A strange deceptive tranquility covers everything We are but ghosts Wandering through darkened streets Not a sound from stamping feet Chained to this memory of life When even the essence is … Continue reading

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I have been alone so long Visiting those parks where as children we so freely played As evening comes the moon is no comfort and none of these creeping fears may be allayed I’ve even fallen at the chairs where … Continue reading

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Four: Sloth

I cannot study anymore I know the games I know the score I feel that I Must sleep instead To drink the potions Of the dead The pomegranate seeds are nice A perfect flavour For our device Down within The … Continue reading

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Your Place

This is your place This darkness suits you As you wear the cloak Of invisibility Your tortured dreams Have harmony within These ancient walls And if I ever came to call You’d draw me in And draw me down Into … Continue reading

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Lone citadel You were the assassin Of my heart Your weaponry Ancient swords Cutting too deep You wait so long In perfect stillness For the kill My heart breaks And dies without The slightest touch My ghost watches As you … Continue reading

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