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Photos – Memory Part One

I’ve laid them out before me Little pieces of forgotten days So few were taken of me So I recall the others best Even as they were loved the best It’s all that there could be My bitterness has leeched … Continue reading

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All Your Colours

I remember all your colours I don’t think you ever saw them Always searching for the more You were blind to all within And perhaps it was your mother’s words The balm of yesteryear That held you such a prisoner … Continue reading

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Do not weep Behind your veil Do not weep There’ll be time For such travail Once you sleep Life is bleak You once said Now you know We have bent And we’ve bled As we go Do not weep Behind … Continue reading

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Lost Ghost

Wraithlike Half floating Half gliding Down spectral halls The outline of A memory Ever so faintly Ever so gently calls Sorrowful Dark mourning Hands wringing Suffused with strange light A childless mother Husbandless bride Supplicant here Weeps in sacrificial white … Continue reading

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