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May they all be blessed To be best at one thing To rise as the angels sing To reach for the stars And to reach the mountains That this cold world debars Exceptional, rise With stars in their eyes Only … Continue reading

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The Stuff of Dying Stars

We are the stuff of dying stars Sprinkled in a hostile and strange firmament Seeking home Or the debris of asteroids Hurtling across time Carbon molecules Like miracles rising in the womb Just one more time An accident of cosmic … Continue reading

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The Night Sky

He said there’s much more than meets the eye In the folds and wonders of the cold night sky And how the ancients looked above to wonder and scrye The ancient texts clearly mapped the stars And planets from Pluto, … Continue reading

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True Diversity

So let’s embrace true diversity He said Xenophobia should not extend Beyond the stars And species are more varied Than our little world suggests When reaching to the universe We won’t find our own face Reflected back serene But something … Continue reading

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Stars falling, dying Planetary stillness And frenetic force Align It’s true Even the birds can’t see Careening into view Into you Hemispheres shifting Realignment Birthing worlds Anew A view Only your heart can see Everything askew Within you A view … Continue reading

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Looking at the stars

Oscar we won’t let you down As we trail our lives Through grimy, dusty streets All our past mistakes and sins Crushed beneath our feet Knocking on doors of riches That all the world debars We’ll be looking at the … Continue reading

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Someday I Will Fly Away….

Someday I will fly away Into unknown horizons The gentle breeze on my back A guiding, loving force I’ll see your face In moons of distant stars And search alien deserts For a trace of your smile Someday I will … Continue reading

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I am Scorpio This constellation Stings within The tails of shooting stars Four parts scorpion Hidden human Venus square To the hubris of Mars I am Scorpio Bride of twilight Delighting in Our lost mythology Psychic sister To this master … Continue reading

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Clever silver queen Flickering sublime The morning’s beckoning you away But you remain Hovering above You are another type of love Another type of love Moonlighting blooming sprite Ancient but still young A soft revolving dream To dance with stars … Continue reading

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Turn of the Card

Our destinies are mystery The cards foretell with accuracy But often times we only see The truth they told through history And those that follow deep the stars Find harbingers in Moon and Mars But underneath run harsher scars The … Continue reading

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