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And Shall the King Return

And shall the king return To this great land So loved by god? Too many years we’ve wandered Aimless in our emptiness Without a hope or leader In our sight Democracy just another word For delusion So shall he yet … Continue reading

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Primrose Path

Down the primrose path we go Promises wrapped up with a bow Where we will land We’ll never know Down the path we go On the primrose path we’ll find All the choices left behind Are they cruel Are they … Continue reading

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This Is Me

This is me Standing silent in the dark Wondering if you’ll see Wondering if in a moment You may turn and speak with me Wondering if you know I’m here Or if you even care Wondering if you’ll speak soft … Continue reading

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Meet me in the darkened places The city streets Purged and empty In the small hours Before the merciless morning Meet me in the cloying shadows Lurking by the roadside Beggars crying Restless in sleep Stolen by interminable hunger Meet … Continue reading

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Mystery Road

I followed you down this mystery road Early morning the grey of the light was the sun battling moon And the frost and fog of wonder settled on my resolute form as I followed in your steps The preternatural ambience … Continue reading

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Frozen moment I saw your face blistering the sky with your perfect smile Before you turned and disappeared Within this street of strangers not a trace of you who for one moment I loved then lost (c) Helen Valentina 2015, … Continue reading

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Deep inside you are somehow damaged like a building which finds foundations rotting slowly at the core Your soul is a whirling dervish yet bereft of spiritual solace or a purpose just a wild and feckless thing In your bloodline … Continue reading

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Following the crooked road you yet mis-stepped you fell into this other world A ragged, wretched, silent girl you fell Following the signs in language you can’t read you’re lost within this reverie You cannot know what to believe you’re … Continue reading

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I was a different person then I shed my skin so many times I scarce remember, yet these photos and these memories attest to a time when I was other When I cherished hopes to my breast and played the … Continue reading

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Under the Skin

Trickling Under this old skin Memories Bleeding here Nowhere to begin By degrees Soon I’m gone Like I wasn’t there Just the breeze (c) Helen Valentina 2015, All Rights Reserved

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