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Frozen moment I saw your face blistering the sky with your perfect smile Before you turned and disappeared Within this street of strangers not a trace of you who for one moment I loved then lost (c) Helen Valentina 2015, … Continue reading

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I am my own jailor You don’t hold the key I am colder within Than the outside of me I gaze from my cell block To winter strewn day I laugh at your feeble Attempts to dismay Inside I am … Continue reading

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Sharp Relief

Pictures of you Lighting stridently bold You’re a negative In sharp relief They froze you In plastic time A look of shock and awe Is so pretty In a way Out on the streets Car headlights shine Your bag is … Continue reading

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Air of crystal A thousand years waiting Peaceful, still The earth is breathing slow Beneath the ice and water Waiting to be born On such a perfect morn Frozen like perfection A god’s painting Which he cannot dispossess Held like … Continue reading

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Chill Factor

Winter has a chill factor It teaches to its favoured sons A desolate determination To take all as prisoners, every one An ice to flavour All relationships The wit and cruelty Of an upturned lip Winter’s deep chill factor Permeates … Continue reading

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Images frozen in time Memories hidden from sight Words without reason or rhyme Days when we longed for the night Choices we cannot remake Betrayal from hurt and from pride Cruelty for its own sake Burying truth deep inside If … Continue reading

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