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Time’s Servant

I am nothing if not time’s servant I hear his voice Whisper just out of reach Urging hurry, hurry Lest I lose A precious second to indolence or Mere pleasure Tick tock Says the clock Above my head Filling me … Continue reading

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The pendulum no longer swings There is no latitude And no breeze To stir it either way It shudders at best Once war cries Reverberated on either side You knew the difference And a turn of fate Meant something Now … Continue reading

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Children of a Lesser Pantheon

He told me that Children of a lesser pantheon Cannot rise This world has here allotted Every trinket, every prize Ambition was neurosis In his eyes He told me that Your nature more than nurture Determined size It was the … Continue reading

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I am my own jailor You don’t hold the key I am colder within Than the outside of me I gaze from my cell block To winter strewn day I laugh at your feeble Attempts to dismay Inside I am … Continue reading

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Sheer Futility

Sisyphus had it easy Job security Rolling that rock Up and down that hill Until technology And other ingenuity Found a way to automate Sheer futility Then Sisyphus must Negotiate his lower wage For lesser productivity On history’s page And … Continue reading

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Nothing Matters – for Prompt 56 Indescribable Frustration

This rock I push atop this hill I feel it settle well, until From life’s sweet canopy they spill This flotsam on my window sill Again I stress my task undone The cake unbaked, the weave un-spun Each furnish questions, … Continue reading

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