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Deadwood Floating downstream I heard we were redundant Our lives a pointless dream And all that we had planned Was nothing like it seemed Just deadwood Floating downstream Deadwood Bobbing as it flows Our reckless future Nothing we can know … Continue reading

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Sheer Futility

Sisyphus had it easy Job security Rolling that rock Up and down that hill Until technology And other ingenuity Found a way to automate Sheer futility Then Sisyphus must Negotiate his lower wage For lesser productivity On history’s page And … Continue reading

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Curiosity – Or How the World Has Ended While Nobody Noticed……

Curiosity is published!!!!!!! I’m very excited to announce that Curiosity, my second novel, is now availableĀ on lulu.com as a paperback POD or as an ebook. The link to learn more, and purchase if you wish, is my lulu.com author spotlight … Continue reading

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