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She is of the water Of the crystal lake she comes And of the endless ebb and flow She yields, succumbs   She’ll swim in tides And on misshapen boats she rides Beneath mist covered skies She loves and dies … Continue reading

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Late Afternoon

Late afternoon along the pier I found a wondrous silence here And everything became so clear This perfect moment In this perfect year Such luminous clarity was mine I felt the touch of the divine And in my hands a … Continue reading

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Drawing deeper Than ever before The water will relinquish Its power and secrets She will thrive In knowledge And energy Till she is whole All life begins Floating in fluids Cosmic conducting Of life force energy She knows as she … Continue reading

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Watery Light

This watery light Awakens my soul I have slept too long But warmth upon my eyelids Bids them open And gaze out Of my prison Made of imagination’s stone And ponder flight and freedom And to swim And swim alone … Continue reading

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Wash Us Clean

This glorious moment Wash us clean Pure rainfall is your gift Undeserved but craved Even in our closed and doubting minds In youth the man Cared not for matters of the soul The world beckoned As a thing of substance … Continue reading

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The hardest part I recall In leaving you Was those final stairs Up and away From the beach where we met And wandered so long Hand in hand Now distant My hands are free To find another love and another … Continue reading

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On the Water

See her dance upon the water Just a nymph The ocean’s daughter See it sparkle With her laughter Soulful siren as she turns And she dips We watchers burn See us tremble As we learn See her swaying, dancing soul … Continue reading

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You came to the water To look deep within The endless dark water To seek and to swim You dove in the rapids To ferry you forth In thrall to the tidelines Of limitless worth You came to the water … Continue reading

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Let me swim only in shallow waters I am too old now And too inexpert To gather courage and descend To greater depths Let me wallow in the serenity That is ambition Finally beaten down and away And take simple … Continue reading

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Spinning Dervish dancer Seeping into water You’re the springtime’s Secret daughter Ephemeral Twirling Ballerina Quickly spinning flower You’re the sensation Of the hour Ephemeral Dancing Evolution Returning to your level Are you angel now Or devil? Ephemeral (c) Helen Valentina … Continue reading

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