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Across the city the electricity yearns to touch each trembling soul and I awake in the middle of the night to tremble, shake within my very core this deep earthquake of being known Our separateness we take for granted only … Continue reading

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On the Water

See her dance upon the water Just a nymph The ocean’s daughter See it sparkle With her laughter Soulful siren as she turns And she dips We watchers burn See us tremble As we learn See her swaying, dancing soul … Continue reading

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Among the Demimonde

You may call us outcast But we paint the sky From a palette you Cannot see, deny Flagrant our lives appear To such linear minds Cruelty so sweet In its way is kind Absinthe touch the lips Soul is taking … Continue reading

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Your circuitry is brittle I reach inside you to commune You are splintering my darling Falling deep and wide apart I can hear the beating of your heart Like a drum against my ear I am within you drilling outwards … Continue reading

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Baron’s Dance

Skulls tell the story Of transitory glory Caught betwixt and between Fit for a queen The Baron does his dance For more than circumstance Just see him dance! Deadly nightshade flower Relinquishing each hour Spirits are on fire Death’s a … Continue reading

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Fractured – for Prompt 54 A vastly important secret

Oh little ones I felt the fall The splintering among you all As heavens opened I espied The way you wailed, you fell and cried What once was One had to rebel And what this brings the brave don’t tell … Continue reading

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