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Across the city the electricity yearns to touch each trembling soul and I awake in the middle of the night to tremble, shake within my very core this deep earthquake of being known Our separateness we take for granted only … Continue reading

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Your circuitry is brittle I reach inside you to commune You are splintering my darling Falling deep and wide apart I can hear the beating of your heart Like a drum against my ear I am within you drilling outwards … Continue reading

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We speak on other frequencies I hear you coming through A spirit flickers in the breeze It’s something it must do To travel on the web of light A power surge must flow Dimensional the bird takes flight Through secrets … Continue reading

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Reaching across the hemispheres Thoughts electric and unbound Ride on heart, on thought, on tears History has run aground Inter-connected artistry Sings the song the mystics know All that this world is to me All the knowledge I can know … Continue reading

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