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La Vie En Rose

That old song La Vie en Rose Draws me in At the end of this perfect day The colour so redolent Of all on display I think I know What the singer proclaimed For a moment I’m her On the … Continue reading

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Nothing to See

I’ve been waiting patiently I’m sure you will agree To find a decent book Or something worthwhile on TV I’ve held to the remote And seen it like a vote And I’d never gad about For the fear of missing … Continue reading

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The Stuff of Dying Stars

We are the stuff of dying stars Sprinkled in a hostile and strange firmament Seeking home Or the debris of asteroids Hurtling across time Carbon molecules Like miracles rising in the womb Just one more time An accident of cosmic … Continue reading

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Might as well call for Pegasus To fly down from the sky And rescue me From ennui These days go by All the same I need something more A spark, a flame But hour by hour I plod this path … Continue reading

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Watercolour Dreams

I’m drifting in watercolour dreams Soft hues flutter past me Whispering childhood secrets I cannot yet hear But I am content Even so I’m floating in watercolour seas The rainbow has fallen To earth at my feet I am content … Continue reading

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Purple World

Butterflies flying so free In their purple world A brief moment of life Too beautiful to last All that we may see Of their purple world Is the flapping wings That fade too fast A caterpillar may dream Of this … Continue reading

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All Your Colours

I remember all your colours I don’t think you ever saw them Always searching for the more You were blind to all within And perhaps it was your mother’s words The balm of yesteryear That held you such a prisoner … Continue reading

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Where would we be Without such rich diversity Without each unique identity So many colours In our sea? To strip such colour here away Become the bland, the drab and grey What price we’d pay for us to be So … Continue reading

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“I contain multitudes’ – Walt Whitman There comes a time we realise and feel a lack of linearity within and confused we stumble through our memories as if to excavate the shape and form of who we are from what … Continue reading

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I always return to you In the end Steadfast you wait Patient and calm You know how I am Wanderer in my soul But I always return To you I know I came from you At the start You are … Continue reading

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