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Yearning for the alpha and omega The starting point The peaceful end All life flows From sturdy oak and dappled leaves At the centre At the centre Is all Praying for the message of the heart The beating truth The … Continue reading

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Looking at the stars

Oscar we won’t let you down As we trail our lives Through grimy, dusty streets All our past mistakes and sins Crushed beneath our feet Knocking on doors of riches That all the world debars We’ll be looking at the … Continue reading

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Each day Given unto us Such nourishment For body and soul That spirit and form Are complete And whole Let this be Our sacred goal From youth Until we are old We pray Each day (c) Helen Valentina 2016

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Caverns Deep

In caverns deep the purest water flowed From mother earth’s veins Sustenance of life Where the weary kneel and go to pray for futures so far out of sight In caves we sheltered from oncoming storms Embraced by rock as … Continue reading

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This brave new world The apple promised so much Lush life Verdant knowledge Man into a god Bulbs break Civilisations fall And apples rot Down to the core What was all This wisdom for? (c) Helen Valentina 2016

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Nature’s Veil

Nature’s veil is elusive She is a sprite peeping out for mere seconds Till you see her and then she is gone A memory you cannot be certain is real And an essence too pure to dispute Above earth our … Continue reading

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Such feathered things The winged sings This ancient wisdom and All it brings To cut the skies And claim the prize To give it all Without surprise A birdlike grace And sentient face The angels fall To be replaced Such … Continue reading

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Autumn Delight

Autumn’s beauty Precious creature Golden red and brown sun-kissed foliage A goddess’ headpiece crowning the glory of the last gasps of colour before the chilly grey of winter descends Autumn’s perfection At the trembling moment before death, nature arises to … Continue reading

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Gathering – Part One

This gathering this night will draw from dimensions distant something new and bright and powerful that delights and gives us wisdom we might crave And on that wondrous spiritual wave our lost ones gather to us here on this the … Continue reading

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Do not weep Behind your veil Do not weep There’ll be time For such travail Once you sleep Life is bleak You once said Now you know We have bent And we’ve bled As we go Do not weep Behind … Continue reading

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