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Again, again, again

  We have died many times On fields so dark Blood red against the encroaching storm History repeats And on this endless circle we tread One moment living Another, dead For the sake of kings born And their infinite greed … Continue reading

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Beneath The Boughs

Against the sky you stretch A myriad of arms to embrace the void These worlds begotten, birthed, destroyed Above it all you rise and reach The firmament and yet beyond To all sublime and lovely realms   I yearn to … Continue reading

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A New Sunrise

And have you yet found A new sunrise? Not requiring you to strive To fulfil impossibility But allowing you To simply be? What have you found? A new child cries At its first sunrise Unaware of where The roads may … Continue reading

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Caverns Deep

In caverns deep the purest water flowed From mother earth’s veins Sustenance of life Where the weary kneel and go to pray for futures so far out of sight In caves we sheltered from oncoming storms Embraced by rock as … Continue reading

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New life budding So perfect Yet to be formed Full of promise On a beautiful morning Waiting to be born New day dawning Sunshine lights The path ahead And of the past We leave behind So little said Just like … Continue reading

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Chaos is My Friend

Primordial, primal energy The Tower always falls Undifferentiated mystery Distant, deep cat calls Dragon stirs within Orion Sweeps stars now with his wings While this little world is dying A new birth gently sings Out of all destruction Out of … Continue reading

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