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My New Tarot Based YouTube Channel – Eye of the Serpent Tarot

Hi Everyone! Along with starting a new blog/website on tarot and spirituality I’ve also launched a new YouTube channel for tarot readings and discussions – Eye of the Serpent Tarot. The main content will be Tarot Pick a Card readings … Continue reading

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Caverns Deep

In caverns deep the purest water flowed From mother earth’s veins Sustenance of life Where the weary kneel and go to pray for futures so far out of sight In caves we sheltered from oncoming storms Embraced by rock as … Continue reading

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My master gave to me a key Said ‘with this charm I set you free But first you must discover the lock That fits this key, and ere the clock Chimes into morning, or you’ll find All hope of freedom … Continue reading

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Sacred Heart

My heart is made of flowers pressed The Gardener knows my feelings best Such wonders in each row displayed The truest vows I ever made Each sacred petal is applied To welcome love and vanquish pride In passion’s purity a … Continue reading

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We dwell beneath Where shattered sunlight falls An hour a day Like godliness spilling Across barren floor We dwell within Our shadows but ourselves A murky cloak Indistinguishable from Our bodily form The hours of the sun We worship deep … Continue reading

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Killing Place

These streets beyond are narrow, dark Their lights wink with a dying grace Within the perimeter of the park They come to find the killing place Their hooded garb and blackened cloaks Hide centuries of deep regret You hear the … Continue reading

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I’ve been talking with Abraxas He confuses what is true He is balance, one part darkness One part sunlight is his view I’ve been asking him some questions All the mysteries I hold He’s enigma, he’s enjoyment He is warmth … Continue reading

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Synchronicity and the Strangeness of Creativity

Hi So I’ve finished the first draft of my ghost story novel. But I don’t want to talk about that so much as something odd that has happened in the last few of days of writing it. To put this … Continue reading

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After Life

As we pass from life If there is nothing No consciousness or form Our bodies food for worms Or the crematorium fire Then there is no disappointment Or dismay There is nothing But if the soul Continues on Then who … Continue reading

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Starlight Musings

i. Mathematical precision A melody trembles into being A solar system aches with possibility to communicate All these stars once gods and devils splayed above Visions and madness Could this be a type of love? ii. On Tuesday the writer … Continue reading

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