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All Your Colours

I remember all your colours I don’t think you ever saw them Always searching for the more You were blind to all within And perhaps it was your mother’s words The balm of yesteryear That held you such a prisoner … Continue reading

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Open the book So wonderful Every dream you could Ever, ever have Strewn across the pages Wondrous words Giving you the world entire Lighting just The smallest fire In your soul Take a look So wonderful Every story held within … Continue reading

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Let Me Fly

In these moments Let me try I can reach this If I try I am grateful I’m alive Feel it rushing Through my soul Deep yet weightless Torn yet whole I’m the rock That learned to roll In this blessing … Continue reading

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Dissolving into gold Alchemist becomes The experiment Soul purifies and glorifies The All Dissolving into heart Glittering and dread Individual evolution Embracing the limitless All Dissolving into peace The union with The yearned Beloved The heavens cry and sing To … Continue reading

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Wash Us Clean

This glorious moment Wash us clean Pure rainfall is your gift Undeserved but craved Even in our closed and doubting minds In youth the man Cared not for matters of the soul The world beckoned As a thing of substance … Continue reading

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In tremulous moments Between sleep and wakefulness A voice shudders deep Within my wondering ears This is the year This is the year How long awaited This embrace of serpent form Wings battering cheeks Soft, gentle and warm So sublime … Continue reading

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Each day Given unto us Such nourishment For body and soul That spirit and form Are complete And whole Let this be Our sacred goal From youth Until we are old We pray Each day (c) Helen Valentina 2016

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Shake off all the shackles Of your tired fretting mind You’ve grown old The years have passed unnoticed And you’ve been hostage to The trance of others’ dreams Your prison is your creation Even as others have Offered dubious helping … Continue reading

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Sweet eyelids shut Weep no more Breathe your last No moment more Softly raise now On angel’s wing Hear the very Heavens sing Light your passage Find your way Be where only True hearts stray Sleep so soft In Heaven’s … Continue reading

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Dead Zone

Here we bleed Without fluidity The cuts are deep But leave no scars All secrets kept Beneath this canopy All dying light Like ancient stars Here we touch With no true intimacy A kiss is papery On drying lips Here … Continue reading

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