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The Rain’s Language

I spoke in the language of the rain A simple message written wordless On a cafe’s window pane As though you may yet pass by In your hurry to your life So far from mine Yet you may linger From … Continue reading

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I will reach for the world Travelling in my mind A little wish Before I sleep A yearning for More, just more Across the oceans wide and deep I will wish for the earth Responding to my itchy feet Just … Continue reading

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I Once Lived

I once lived On a world where the sea Was inky black And the moon wept blood For the savagery of the tide And there I would reside even now Had not I fell Through the galaxy and firmament To … Continue reading

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I Yearn

I yearn for something I cannot name I sometimes see it out of the corner of my eye Or dancing in the fire’s flame An ethereal understanding Or a test or ritual that if I pass through I’ll never be … Continue reading

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Travelling In My Heart – Memory Part Three

My mother would simply say ‘don’t start’ Father refused to play his part And brother laughed and threw his quiet darts A sun king growing in his domain Everything fine within his name And if I cried for justice here … Continue reading

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Reaching up The sky is scarred By too much time Piercing branches Scrape the beginnings Of limitless space All beginnings Reach this far No further No wings to fly I cannot yearn Beyond your boughs I must await The last … Continue reading

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Someday I Will Fly Away….

Someday I will fly away Into unknown horizons The gentle breeze on my back A guiding, loving force I’ll see your face In moons of distant stars And search alien deserts For a trace of your smile Someday I will … Continue reading

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This Is Me

This is me Standing silent in the dark Wondering if you’ll see Wondering if in a moment You may turn and speak with me Wondering if you know I’m here Or if you even care Wondering if you’ll speak soft … Continue reading

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Six: Envy

My eyes oh so green glitter outwards surveying all just beyond my grasp Yet others have what I would have It cuts so deep within as I wait without Dare I question the decisions of the world? Do others see … Continue reading

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I was a different person then I shed my skin so many times I scarce remember, yet these photos and these memories attest to a time when I was other When I cherished hopes to my breast and played the … Continue reading

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