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I will reach for the world Travelling in my mind A little wish Before I sleep A yearning for More, just more Across the oceans wide and deep I will wish for the earth Responding to my itchy feet Just … Continue reading

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I Once Lived

I once lived On a world where the sea Was inky black And the moon wept blood For the savagery of the tide And there I would reside even now Had not I fell Through the galaxy and firmament To … Continue reading

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I Yearn

I yearn for something I cannot name I sometimes see it out of the corner of my eye Or dancing in the fire’s flame An ethereal understanding Or a test or ritual that if I pass through I’ll never be … Continue reading

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Travelling In My Heart – Memory Part Three

My mother would simply say ‘don’t start’ Father refused to play his part And brother laughed and threw his quiet darts A sun king growing in his domain Everything fine within his name And if I cried for justice here … Continue reading

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Reaching up The sky is scarred By too much time Piercing branches Scrape the beginnings Of limitless space All beginnings Reach this far No further No wings to fly I cannot yearn Beyond your boughs I must await The last … Continue reading

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Someday I Will Fly Away….

Someday I will fly away Into unknown horizons The gentle breeze on my back A guiding, loving force I’ll see your face In moons of distant stars And search alien deserts For a trace of your smile Someday I will … Continue reading

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This Is Me

This is me Standing silent in the dark Wondering if you’ll see Wondering if in a moment You may turn and speak with me Wondering if you know I’m here Or if you even care Wondering if you’ll speak soft … Continue reading

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Six: Envy

My eyes oh so green glitter outwards surveying all just beyond my grasp Yet others have what I would have It cuts so deep within as I wait without Dare I question the decisions of the world? Do others see … Continue reading

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I was a different person then I shed my skin so many times I scarce remember, yet these photos and these memories attest to a time when I was other When I cherished hopes to my breast and played the … Continue reading

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Your Gaze

Your gaze was far too old And we were but teenagers then Still unformed and awkward But the intensity drilled within Spoke of hope and dreams and sin And it lingers with me still In these later, later years Something … Continue reading

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