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Seven: Pride

  How do I love me, let me count the ways I love me every morn and every night Each day I wake, I’m held within my sight And dance my dance arising from my grace I love my heart … Continue reading

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Six: Envy

My eyes oh so green glitter outwards surveying all just beyond my grasp Yet others have what I would have It cuts so deep within as I wait without Dare I question the decisions of the world? Do others see … Continue reading

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Five: Wrath

This darkness arises From my rage Distilled as this form Black winged Red eyed Slavoring beast You are me In unearthly form I know this is true So how must I welcome This terrible host? Divine or diabolic Through this … Continue reading

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Four: Sloth

I cannot study anymore I know the games I know the score I feel that I Must sleep instead To drink the potions Of the dead The pomegranate seeds are nice A perfect flavour For our device Down within The … Continue reading

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Three: Greed

If I take it all It is not enough If I leave the scraps I will feel short changed All the dollars glide Up into my eyes To leave even one Is to be deranged I no longer sleep Ravaged … Continue reading

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Two: Gluttony

I will not choose I will consume it all Dark or light Dull or bright I’ll take it all I need the taste The wicked true delight There’s none for you It’s not for two This shines too bright It … Continue reading

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One: Lust

  Strawberry delight I consume you All electric Unbidden and unconquerable Let me surrender To waves of pure energy You move inside of me Above and over me And I’m consuming you As you’re consuming me All over beauty In … Continue reading

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