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Five: Wrath

This darkness arises From my rage Distilled as this form Black winged Red eyed Slavoring beast You are me In unearthly form I know this is true So how must I welcome This terrible host? Divine or diabolic Through this … Continue reading

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No Apology

  Reached an impasse No apology For the lies Deceit and treachery No remorse And no fault is owned Each will stand But only stand alone What of love When blame is on the line? Mediate For a truth refined … Continue reading

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Within our town the shutters drawn Tell tales without our words No prescience could yet have barred Such crimes as here occurred Where once mere kindness might have lived Companion to our hearts Here now the winter’s deeper chill Ensures … Continue reading

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Lucifer’s Song – for Prompt 57 – Shock and Seething Rise to Vengeance

Where once were allies, are now foes This battle started long ago Your kingdom spoke of love and care Angelic music flowing there A harmony, a table round This depth of fealty so profound You promised much, you promised all … Continue reading

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I apologise For speaking truth I apologise For giving proof I apologise I deep regret I showed my hand I deep regret I understand I deep regret Forgive me now For being right Forgive me now For I can’t quite … Continue reading

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Visible Anger

Anger spills over my senses; red like the bull in mid fight or flight My face is a sword poised; ancient samurai now ready for battle In my brisk footsteps dire warning; lowered eyes letting the storm pass I should … Continue reading

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Don’t try to bully me into agreeing Bullies are cereal I have for breakfast I can see the weakness behind glaring eyes Give to them their own medicine See them fold Bullies are Insecurity In action Pick your teeth with … Continue reading

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