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For My Mother – In Memory

Keep this little light shining Honour and truth The greater questions Of the imponderable universe All those nights Speaking of the ineffable The sublime Nourish me still Give me belief And almost faith That kindness and care Still replenish this … Continue reading

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If I could heal This rift, this damage I would do so I am no healer Nor prophet I Nor guide to light the path I’m just a smile That led the innocent To their dark side I’m just the … Continue reading

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Quiet Impact

A kind word Spoken softly Stills Lost in anger Somehow hears Hope Calmer thought now Closes down Rage Gentle eyes here Reach within Commune (c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

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Don’t try to bully me into agreeing Bullies are cereal I have for breakfast I can see the weakness behind glaring eyes Give to them their own medicine See them fold Bullies are Insecurity In action Pick your teeth with … Continue reading

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Empowerment – International Women’s Day

Sometimes I’m asked in my work, as a senior woman in my agency, to talk to other women about how my career progressed. I’m happy to do this, but perhaps the story I tell seems strange. Because I believe I … Continue reading

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The Artistry of Flavour

Here is artistry Flavours you combine Perfect alchemy! When you cook for me In this way, divine What this gives to me Spice and condiments Rich and tender meat All the soul fulfills Sweetest fruit In dark chocolate dipped Banish … Continue reading

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Do you recall the secrets that we told In wine-lit moments as the day would end? I wonder at our courage then so bold To bare such precious thoughts to just a friend The weight of such a confidence is … Continue reading

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