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The chef pauses for a moment Before stirring his creation Weighs the virtues and the limits Of the spices here arrayed This is artistry of the moment Flavours mixed like a devotion And there‚Äôs more than just mere chemistry In … Continue reading

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A taste upon my lips A sweet nectar of the soul A tantalising flavour calls To consume this pleasure whole From the first moment of delight To the last morsel on the tongue We renew our nature’s source From this … Continue reading

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Food Reverie (inspired by the morning coffee)

Coffee Dark, rich succour Shortbread biscuits Melting with the flavour On my tongue The morning painted with Sweetness and faint spice These habits and addictions Re-awakened, just begun Passing bakery shops On my travels Takes me instantly back To childhood … Continue reading

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The Artistry of Flavour

Here is artistry Flavours you combine Perfect alchemy! When you cook for me In this way, divine What this gives to me Spice and condiments Rich and tender meat All the soul fulfills Sweetest fruit In dark chocolate dipped Banish … Continue reading

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Life is what you do to fill in time between meals

All I ask of life, really, is that I am entertained, that I am safe and comfortable, and that I am well fed. For all that I love to write, and read, and live in my mind, it’s the physical … Continue reading

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