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Why Getting ‘Traditionally’ Published Is A Bit Like Being on American Idol

Like many writers on WordPress, I’ve recently been navigating the confusing, confounding and strange world of what might be termed ‘traditional’ publishing.  Much of the process seems like a series of increasingly high hurdles and success at one level does … Continue reading

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The pen is weary All the ink run dry Across a parchment scratches Ideas lost in time No new blood is drawn From the pain of life There are only tears And banality Nothing left for me The screen is … Continue reading

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New Year, New Blog!

Hi everyone Happy New Year! I hope 2015 proves to be fabulous for you all! I have a couple of major writing based new years resolutions this year. The first is to launch – as I am today – my … Continue reading

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Peel – for Prompt 80, Unforgiven

I peel you off Snake shedding its skin A little blood and pain A pure recompense And you are gone The remnants shrivel Curl and crackle Like dying embers In firelight at night And you are gone Fresh skin will … Continue reading

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Echoes on the Breeze – Ann Bagnall’s wonderful new book of poetry

Last week I received my copy of Ann Bagnall’s ‘Echoes on The Breeze’ , a wonderful collection of her micropoetry now published by lulu.com.  See her wonderful blog and the link to the book at: http://annieb222.com/2014/09/13/echoes-on-the-breeze-by-ann-bagnall-paperback-lulu-au/ That link is for … Continue reading

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Your beautiful face Etched upon my memory Of pity, no trace Deeper muse to me Arising from your dark eyes Beguiled fantasy There is no surprise The wellspring in this place What depths comprise Your beautiful face Repeating in the … Continue reading

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Update and a question to all writers or readers of trilogies…

Hi So, work is still mad and my time is limited, but Easter is coming. I had planned to do some serious blog reading and catching up, but my editor has just finished manuscript assessing my latest novel, an occult … Continue reading

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Synchronicity and the Strangeness of Creativity

Hi So I’ve finished the first draft of my ghost story novel. But I don’t want to talk about that so much as something odd that has happened in the last few of days of writing it. To put this … Continue reading

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Blog/Life Balance

Hi So my new novel, the ghost story, is proceeding well. I’m about two-thirds or more through and should have it complete, all things being equal, by the time I return to work mid next week. I’ve also done some research … Continue reading

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Sinews and Creation – for Prompt 37 Unavoidable Pain

Lower back too stationary Too long Upper back moves, repetition Too strong Imbalance now is at the centre Can’t last Every word that I have written Too fast Sinews and creation’s drive Don’t bend Any wisdom drawn from age is … Continue reading

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