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We were dancers all In the masquerade We were innocent Of the part we played We just revelled in The bizarre parade Merely dancers in The black masquerade Of the deaths that came In our merry wake We are innocent … Continue reading

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Butterfly Ring

I recall she wore A butterfly ring And she painted her eyes Like butterfly wings She spoke of lost innocence And all that it brings Her transformation early Her butterfly ring A child not a child So not anything A … Continue reading

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Send In the Clowns – Friday Music Prompt #50

  Everything reversed Injustice is fair Poverty street for old billionaires Send in the clowns Doing the crime Power does no time Beauty queen covered in rivers of slime Send in the clowns Each one of them clowns Just when … Continue reading

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Clockwork Doll

Little clockwork doll Hold up your hands And plead Little clockwork doll I have my needs And greed Little clockwork doll You are the source And seed Little clockwork doll My little slave Unfreed Little baby cry I’ll do to … Continue reading

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These streets are as thin as an old man’s arteries and so they should be in this narrow, narrow town where secrets hide in shadows blessed by sunlight falling on buildings so close, so close All is hidden here, it … Continue reading

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Meet me in the darkened places The city streets Purged and empty In the small hours Before the merciless morning Meet me in the cloying shadows Lurking by the roadside Beggars crying Restless in sleep Stolen by interminable hunger Meet … Continue reading

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Five: Wrath

This darkness arises From my rage Distilled as this form Black winged Red eyed Slavoring beast You are me In unearthly form I know this is true So how must I welcome This terrible host? Divine or diabolic Through this … Continue reading

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Three: Greed

If I take it all It is not enough If I leave the scraps I will feel short changed All the dollars glide Up into my eyes To leave even one Is to be deranged I no longer sleep Ravaged … Continue reading

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Gathering – Part One

This gathering this night will draw from dimensions distant something new and bright and powerful that delights and gives us wisdom we might crave And on that wondrous spiritual wave our lost ones gather to us here on this the … Continue reading

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Your Place

This is your place This darkness suits you As you wear the cloak Of invisibility Your tortured dreams Have harmony within These ancient walls And if I ever came to call You’d draw me in And draw me down Into … Continue reading

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