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These streets are as thin as an old man’s arteries and so they should be in this narrow, narrow town where secrets hide in shadows blessed by sunlight falling on buildings so close, so close All is hidden here, it … Continue reading

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Hallway Steps

These hallway steps lead to nowhere or to somewhere far, far worse I’ve heard it told in whispered corners all these things that they would warn us Talk of devils and of danger and a curse These hallways steps lead … Continue reading

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Puppet Girl

Your trauma is his mastery Your thoughts hallucinatory And on the edge did you feel pain? It might have been But then again Dissociation is a trickster For the truth a fatal mixer Puppet girl your threads are showing And … Continue reading

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Someone To Watch Over Me

Strapped down I am only completely aware of the lethal grasp of restraints, scratching as though alive, on my skin. He says, you will feel great energy and pain, just for a moment. You must bite down on the cloth … Continue reading

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