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Too Late To Pray

And is it now Too late to pray? As children we rehearsed the verse In ancient books and we hardly cared Each word we said It was enough to simply recite And hope that soon the doors would open Setting … Continue reading

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I Remember

I remember her most he said In the last moments of spring She hovers as a memory Of every good thing I remember her smile And how she would sing I remember her best he said In the depths of … Continue reading

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Starlight Dreaming

Young child Starlight dreaming Heaven’s up above A different kind of love Streaming Reaching to the child Window ledge below Could he touch the stars All that life debars On show? Young child Starlight yearning Dying stars alight His for … Continue reading

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I dreamt of a castle on a hill Too grand to be but even still I yearned to reached its heights until The dream was gone I searched the world entire yet No closer could I ever get I fell … Continue reading

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The hardest part I recall In leaving you Was those final stairs Up and away From the beach where we met And wandered so long Hand in hand Now distant My hands are free To find another love and another … Continue reading

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Someday I Will Fly Away….

Someday I will fly away Into unknown horizons The gentle breeze on my back A guiding, loving force I’ll see your face In moons of distant stars And search alien deserts For a trace of your smile Someday I will … Continue reading

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Our china has broken Like all our days Little pieces on the floor Just as the confetti spilled At celebrations long ago Too long ago Our china has split apart A testament to cracks Within the foundation Of a love … Continue reading

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Let me capture your dreams In my golden web Before they melt Into the morning’s arms Let me wander your world Hitchhiker set free So I may fall Before your sweet charms Let me carry my sword A guardian of … Continue reading

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Precious Things

These precious things I hardly thought of in my brittle youth I was alive and free and not diverted By the needs of others or the truth The greater weave of history and sacrifice so far away From my comfortable, … Continue reading

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(Micropoetry) Pure

Such simple hope Pure moment Pure embrace Challenging time Winning in the depth Of a mutual smile (c) Helen Valentina 2016  

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