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I saw the leaves departing On the bitter winter wind And in their flight my soul Recognised its form It will not now be long Until I welcome moving on The soft, encroaching storm I saw the colours fading Before … Continue reading

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Be A Storm

Be a storm in my life she begged I have lived too long In quiet solitude My shutters drawn Against the weather All its forms And so now I grow weary Of my comfort And I yearn For the storm … Continue reading

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Storm Born

Storm born my mother said Kicking and screaming Into the blackest night Stormclouds roiling Thunder singing My birthing song Where I most belong Storm born, shaking her head The drama living on In every passing year Lightening dazzling Cracking evening … Continue reading

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Storm clouds

Storm clouds overhead promise rain in tempest Food for a parched ground Death to new life bursting forth Moments too soon The nourisher and the ghoul Raging wind and electricity Surging through roiling mist Covering an aching sky Watching from … Continue reading

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After the Storm

We will count the losses After the storm We will weep for fallen On turbulent seas We will hold those that grieve The ones that mourn And build our future By slow degrees We will pray for morning A coppery … Continue reading

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Caught in the middle Emotions like tsunamis Rising all around Life is a riddle Seems you need an army Just to hold ground Caught in a tempest Everything extreme And nothing makes sense Still you try your best Rational it … Continue reading

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Storm Season

You are storm season Electricity crackling On a dry, grey afternoon sky Distant rumbling Of thunder Like chariots passing by You are storm season You are lightning striking Lone tree hill An exclamation point as highlight Terrible truth Rising within … Continue reading

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Heatwave End

Waiting on the breaking storm To steal the humidity Of the day Clouds hang as though anticipating Movement across an impatient sky All is so still Not even leaves In neighbourhood trees Seem willing to rustle Disturb the moment The … Continue reading

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